Weird Clothes You Never Thought Existed

Being obsessed of searching fashionable things online, I stumbled in many interesting and amazing clothes designs that sometimes we never thought these things really existed. It seemed that some clothe’s designers nowadays not only concentrate on fashion but also consider clothes as a form of survival and the desire to fulfill something.  Below are some of Style Guru’s list of weird clothes you never thought existed:

Emotional Clothes
These garments through “emotional sensing,” can read and project wearers’ emotions.

Hidden messages in clothing
Try to read the last 2 sentences written on the T-shirt.

Errorwear clothing
These shirts actually depict the various error messages that one may encounter while using the operating systems of Microsoft windows.

Repellent clothes for insects
The apparel is being treated with Permethrin and is to survive 25 washes. It has been approved by EPA. There range includes convertible pants, baseball caps, fishing shirts and even bandanas for dogs.

Edible Clothes
If you are regular readers of this blog I think you also remember my post about edible wedding dress, Isn’t that literally inviting someone to eat you up? lol 🙂

Lettuce Lingerie
I think this was used for campaign to eat more vegetables 😀

Dissolvable clothing
The fabric is made from a clear polymer, polyvinyl alcohol.

Clothes changing color according to your mood
So you cannot hide your mood if you wear this clothes, hmm sounds good! Nice to be worn by ladies, hahah!

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  1. as a big Bjork fan I gotta say that these are pretty normal pret-a-porte everyday clothes 😛 kidding..loves this post, I need me one of those

  2. hmm interesting clothes…
    i like the lettuce lingerie..:) hope it will not spoiled other problem.. 🙂

  3. yara4ever

    weird ! hehe:)

  4. toni

    so where do we purchase clothes like the one that changes color according to our mood?

    if you happen to come across someone you hate, will the color automatically switches to red? as in fiery red..

    good morning jan.

  5. commenter, thanks for hopping in 🙂

    Lestat_m, lol haha of all the lists you chose the lettuce one.. 😀

    Yara, as in so weird esp. the moody clothes, haha.

    Toni, i will research on it and I will inform you later…haha 😀


    And i like lettuce in my salad! COME TO THINK OF IT!


    He he he he

  7. Nah, here’s another fan of lettuce, hahah! Reyna, why you have change your mind? lol 😀

  8. Peony

    those are some bizarre stuff !!

  9. weird clothes but cool heheh

  10. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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