Because I am a Photography Moron!

I always love photography and I think I will die as frustrated photographer. I tried to take photos of anything, anybody and anywhere since last year but until now I’m still a photography moron! I don’t know why 😦 maybe it’s because I’m not trying hard, I hope that’s the real reason, lol 😀 . This last couple of months I was inspired by the photos taken by my online friends safarisauce and faddy, I really admired their photographs, so simple yet captivating. I hope that I can take photos as good as theirs however I was always failed whenever I tried one. Then this past few days, I found a new buddy whom I think can help me how to improve my photography skill, I stumbled into dubaibase blog who posted articles about photography tutorials and I was very delighted upon reading his ideas. At last I found a buddy who can help me realized my dream! haha 😀

Below are some of the pictures I took few days ago before I read dubaibase tips, it was so frustrating because they didn’t come out as what I wanted them to be 😦 . I wanna go out this afternoon to look for something to capture, I will try his tips and I hope can take good photos from now on, so better luck next time Rieaane 🙂

Taken at Salmiya’s seaside on weekend, Sunset is one of my obsessions!


Taken at Scientific Center, when the guys at the boat noticed that I was taking pictures they stop their boat in front of me, so I took one for them! 


The peach royal that I made at home, you can read the recipe here.


One of the plants in our office.


One of my plants at home, it turned out pale 😦


The group of tiny fish swam away, they’re faster than my hand to click the camera, I didn’t able to catch it!


Taken somewhere….I just like the blue sky!


Just in love with the blues…nothing else!


I was waiting for an airplane to pass by but it took me almost 1 hour and nothing came!


  1. Beautiful ! marvelous ! what camera you used? No 1 is my fav !

  2. You are NOT a photography moron! I think those pictures are great and like Grey #1 is my favorite! Practice makes perfect. Keep taking shots and post them for us and you will notice an improvement!

  3. toni

    i find sunset, sea, sky and anything related to water fascinating objects, but always sunset tops the list.

    ganda na nga kuha mo eh…keep going.

  4. hi ..
    i was like u .. but i have this corss in photography .. in bayt lothan ..
    the teacher ” mr baha” .. is amazing and he can simply improve ur work ..
    u will know the right from worng in photography world .. in a tecnacal way .. if u dont belive cheak my blog from the begning and see my picture befor and after the training .. if u need help .. i will be glad to 🙂

  5. OMG your pictures are wonderful…especially the first one. It’s seriously breathtaking. Do you have a flickr account? You really should upload your pictures there.

    I’ve subscribe to the newsletter of It has good tutorials.

    Hoping to see more of your pix soon 😀

  6. Thanks for posting my blog here… Now as my evaluation on your photo this what I can say… 1st image, exposure was good but your composition was not follow the rule of third and the horizon was not straight, solution straight your horizon then make more on sky than your foreground… 2nd image, your subject was cut… if the boat was full the little bit diagonal to the frame, 3rd image, blur out of focus, maybe you are to much close to your subject or you focus are not correct. okey enough for this… next time i will review you picture… if its okey … cheers


  7. I think the photos are just fine….every photographer has to work at it. Even the best in the world are striving to be better. Don’t let the frustration get you down…use it to your advantage and try harder. you WILL get better with time


  8. Thank you all for the encouragements, tips and evaluations, I appreciate. I hope I can post more and better pictures here soon. 🙂

  9. dayadada

    hey, i came across yours from Safarisauce. I thought ur first picture, the sunset was good. Nice! keep practising ya and you’ll do fine. 😀

  10. i like the first photo, nice sunset scene…
    you are not a photography moron, you’re just doin fine.. just keep on clicking,..practice makes perfect… have a nice day..

  11. It seemed that sunset is almost everybody’s favorite 🙂 I have many sunset photos in my collection and I’m still planning to take more, I hope I will be able to take a straight horizon next time.

  12. . Most of your pictures are good. Just be aware of harsh lightning as 90% of the picture is lightning and the other 10% is the settings.
    One thing you should notice is the parallelism of the buildings, you don’t want them leaning. Secondly, look at the line between the sky and the ground. It needs to be parallel as well. BTW; the sittings of most the pictures are very good, you do have the eye for it… Keep it up and show us more of your pictures

  13. Chroma, that’s good idea I will try next time and thanks for your nice advice, I appreciate 🙂

  14. sui

    pictures are great! same obsession, sunset’s the BEST!

  15. Sui, yeah sunset and sunrise also…i knew that you woke up too early before to take a shot of the sunrise in Qatar’s corniche…don’t deny..aminin! hahah

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