July 2007 Summer Romance

I found this romantic tips while I was browsing some romantic ideas for our wedding anniversary this coming July 15, I just like to share it to you dear readers, you might want to try it to kindle your romance this hot hot summer days! Read on:

1. Enjoy a brunch together
2. Call to say I love you
3. Meet for lunch
4. Give a back massage
5. Go on a moonlit stroll
6. Have a water play day
7. Date night
8. Eat breakfast together
9. Hide a love poem
10. Post a public dedication
11. Movie night
12. Share a 1 minute hug
13. Go horseback riding
14. Send a romantic SMS
15. Date night
16. Give a foot massage
17. Eat dinner by candle light
18. game night
19. Camp out in your backyard
20. Lazy day
21. Send a loving email
22. Share a bubble bath
23. Date night
24. Share a 1 minute kiss
25. Movie night
26. Watch the sunset
27. Fly kites together
28. Listen to an audiobook together
29. Go for a short walk togther
30. Movie night
31. Date night

Of all the list, I think  number 13 would be impossible for me to do! lol 😀

For more romantic ideas, check this link.


  1. Hessa

    Congratulations. Hopefully it will be an mazing day that both of you will rememeber for the rest of your lives.

  2. Gongratulations. Ensha’allah you will have an amazing day!

  3. toni

    happy anniversay..

    pano naman ung mg single pa?

  4. Thanks Hessa and Chroma, that’s so sweet of you 🙂

    Toni, singles must wait for their turn, hahah 😀

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