My Last Purchases from Sultan Center


I used to shop our groceries either from Sultan Center  to obtain more points for my rewards card or City Centre  because they sell various South East Asian products that I cannot found in other stores  but since the opening of Carrefour at the Avenues Mall, I found it  more convenient for me to shop our groceries there because aside from their very reasonable prices, their location is very impressive  also.

Now back to the title of this post…I was tagged by Yara to post the last 5 things that I purchased from Sultan Center, it was funny because I can’t rememmber the exact things that I bought the last time I visited the store, I think that was almost one month ago.  I went there because I received a text message from them to claim my reward from the points that I earned.  I was  glad that their customer service was so attentive so it was very easy for me to claim my prize. After I got my reward, I purchased few items and here’s the 5 of them as a reply to Yara’s tag:

Fine scented facial tissue is my favorite, very soft and smooth and I really love its romantic scents, very feminine.


I just love the simple design of this cup and saucer, the size is also perfect for me.


I brought this to our office since my colleagues’ favorite is Nescafe and it doesnt suit my taste, so I purchased Maxwell for me.


Our son loves to eat chocolate especially Kinder, no matter how I warned him not to eat more he hided behind the door just to eat chocolates, so funny because I still caught him even he hides, the remnants of chocolates were visible in his lips and cheeks.


They had especial offer for Energizer batteries when I went there, so I grabbed the oppurtunity to buy for my camera.

I’m glad that the tag required 5 items only or else my list would be mixed up with the things I purchased at the other store. lol 😀 ….Now, I want to tag PEONY.


  1. yara4ever

    Love the cup 🙂 I never tried maxwells, i dont really drink coffee

  2. have you checked out LuLu yet?

    lulu is the real competition that sultan, city centre and carrefour have to worry about.

  3. Yara 🙂 I drink once or twice a week, I’m a tea person.

    sknkwrkz, what a hard name, haha 😀 anyway I checked Lulu already but the problem was I can’t stand with the smell of the customers at the grocery section, I mean I was almost fainted when I smelled those () you know…heheh!

  4. haha!

    yeah i know, guess you gotta go during the quiet times like early in the morning.

    its crazy at night and on the weekends.

    and very smelly 😛

  5. I’ve seen sultan’s collection of cups, plates, and trays. And I must say.. I’m truely impressed.

  6. sknkwrkz, i think that would be a better option :), thanks

    Confashion, it seemed that we have the same taste, cheers!

  7. Depressed in NYC

    I’m work in the fashion industry here in NYC and Im also a stylist…starting my own business with my best friend. Anyway, I vacationed in Kuwait for 10days the beginning of this month, AND I LOVED IT!!! NOT what I expected at all. NOw having lived in NYC for 30years(all of my life), I would love to move to Kuwait, BUT i refuse to go live there without being able to do what I love and that’s work in fashion. Can someone help me out with where to go and advise how I could be submitted for a promising future in the fashion industry in Kuwait??? ALL OF YOUR HELP IS APPRECIATED!

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