Maybe I was sleeping when God showered Photography Skill in the World!

I really wanted to improve my photography skill and I thanked all my friends who wrote an advice and evaluations in my previous post. I hope I can follow all your suggestions but it seemed that I was really in a deep sleep when God showered photography skill in the world because not matter how I tried hard, I was not really satisfied with the outcome of my work, lol πŸ˜€ . That’s how moron I am in this field but one thing I’m sure with my self is I will never and never give up, I know that someday I can make it.

As usual, we always went to the seaside every weekend afternoon to take a short walk with my hubby and son, so while walking I took a shot of anything that caught my interest. I took many pictures and I’ll just post it here later, for today I will show you the first of 3 groups that I had taken yesterday. Please feel free to comment, evaluate or criticize…I will accept it all as part of my learning.

The sea seemed so calm yesterday, taken at almost dusk time.

I just loved the waves formation as they hit the rocks.

I don’t know what caption should I write here…

…well, yeah it’s a tree! heheh

Is this a sunset reflection? Maybe… πŸ™‚


  1. anonymous

    the trees look awsome!

  2. toni

    please stop referring to yourself as a moron, don’t you realise that you have actually acquired most of those showered blessings?
    ano na lang kaya tawag sa amin na konti alam..
    gradually you will learn all the necessary techniques.

  3. Anonymous, thanks for appreciating πŸ™‚

    Toni, hahah it’s because I was not satisfied with the outcome of my works, i hope i will learn more techniques. Thanks πŸ˜‰

  4. Rieaane, as part of your learning in photography I will make a post for you on how to capture silhouette mood of a picture… Kasi isa yan sa mahirap pero magandang picture /image to display… But before you learn to get this kind of image I have you need to know the capabilities of your camera and of course you know how to operate it… not in auto or program mode but most specially in manual mode…. Kasi in photography malaki pa ang margin in the market… You can earn more from it… Yan kasi ang other source of income ko dito sa Dubai, na masasabi ko na maganda ang income.
    So if you are really interested, start reading the manual of your camera… By the way what kind of camera you have now.


    buddy- dubaibase

  5. !!!!!! :O !!!!! What do you mean? I personally love your perspectives. I couldn’t stop looking at that tree for a few minutes. It took me somewhere. That’s what great pictures are supposes to do. They speak to you, and that picture spoke to me. So you do have the gift.

    wanna see more of your pix. yalla post πŸ˜€

  6. Rianne, now you can check my post… I thinks it will helps you a little to improve your photography skills…


  7. Dubaibase, I’m just using Lumix with 6x optical zoom and the problem is I lost the manual already 😦 I purchased this more than 2 years ago as a personal use to capture the things I like, I’m planning to buy a new one better than this before I’ll go on vacation. Saka na lang muna yong earning, i knew maraming pa akong kakaining bigas to reach that level.hahah..thank you so much for all your advice, i hope hindi ka magsawa sa kabobohan ko! hehe πŸ™‚

    Magical Droplets, thanks…haha yes of course I had gifts some are too personal, I’ll just make a post about it, πŸ™‚

  1. 1 Learning some Photography skills « PhilQ8, Life and Beyond

    […] that I took last weekend while we were at Salmiya’s seaside near Marina. I already posted the first groupΒ 3 days ago and as I promised, I will post the second group today. The third group will be posted […]

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