Happy 7th Anniversary Honey!

This post is sincerely dedicated to the man I called Honey since 7 years ago.  Since it is our 7th wedding anniversary today, I want to express my love for him in 7 different ways.

1. One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life. That word is love.  I love you so much Hon, I hope that our love will never fade away like it was engraved in a stone that stay forever and ever.

2. I think I told you already a hundred times that this world means nothing to me, all I want is your love. I knew that I’m weak in many things and I drew strength from you. You made me what I am today and I want to tell you now how appreciative I am for that. Thank you for your love Honey.

3. Some lovers send hundreds of SMS a day and I knew I rarely sent you one but I want to tell you that whenever I sent you my love, every letters mean a thousand words of loving you. I love you so much dear.

4. You are the reason why I want to beautify myself, I want you to see me always as the young bride you married even my hair will turn into gray.

5. Honey, you are my coffee in the morning that made everyday of my life more cheerful and bright.  You are my passion, my life and my love.  I knew this sounds corny or some sort of a teenager’s romantic  quote but I mean every word that I said…that’s how I feel right now.

6. Honey you are my life, you are the air that I breath, the food that I eat and the reason I live. I knew that sometimes I upset you with my moody behaviours and this is the thing that I want to apologize, sometimes I’m too tough to understand but you still understands me and that’s why I’m too grateful to have you. I love you for that Hon.

7. I also knew that 6 and half hours of my day was consumed in this thing but I wanna let you know that I never failed to think of you even I was busy with my office works, even just a buzz in your YM will be okay for me so that you’ll  know that I was thinking of you. I want to thank you also for the calls you made everyday.

Generate Your Own Glitter Graphics @ GlitterYourWay.com - Image hosted by ImageShack.us

Ever since you walk in…my world has been both musical and magical. On this 7th Anniversary of ours, I just wanna say…HONEY  YOU MEAN EVERYTHING TO ME!

  1. Nazs

    To my Everdearest honey,

    What a BEAUTIFUL greetings! you really surprised me dear! Well, I want to express my thanks to you WORLWIDE! Thank you so much honey, and I want you to know also and to all the readers of this blog that I will always love you forever and ever! you’re the reason why I believe in LOVE.

    I love you so much, take care always honey.

    With love and devotion,
    Your Hubby

  2. Nazs

    Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary Honey!!!

  3. awhhh how cute, mabrook

  4. pucha! nakakairita ka ha?! ~!@#$%^&* *berde sa inggit*

    me brother ba yang si honey? he he he?

    pa ki check nga ang let me know!


  5. toni

    tama sabi ni miss reyna elena, nakakainggit ka talaga.
    ako kaya maging ganyan ka sweet?????????????

  6. aawwwwwww so sweet. I love how creative you were in this post esp with the pix. LOL @ “you are my coffee in the morning”

    Happy anniversary sweetie 😀

  7. aww that’s so sweet 🙂 Happy 7th u two!

  8. Wow, at last my hubby left comment in this blog for the first time, thanks hon I was surprised!

  9. Shoosha, thanks sweetie.

    Rayboy, thanks for dropping by..’hope to see u again in this blog.. 🙂

    Reyna, yes may brother pa 16 years old…so it’s corrupting minor dika pwede do’n, hahah 🙂 cheers

    Toni, thanks for the greetings, sweet ka naman ah… 😉 BTW sana may blog ka kasi I sensed na interestings ang mga posts mo if u have one.

    Magical Droplets, haha that’s my favorite coffe mug and i used my lip liner to write the words on it 🙂

    Faddy, thanks… your pics looks so sweet also 🙂

  10. wow… Congrats – 🙂

  11. Lestat_m, thanks 🙂 kayo kelan anniversary nyo? hehe, BTW thanks for your email, pag aralan ko one of this days..have a nice day!

  12. Aaawwwwww… How sweet.!. Keep the love alive! Happy big 7 A sa inyo! 🙂

  13. mackay, so you’re back in Kuwait now…:) thanks for the greetings 🙂 Welcome back!

  14. 🙂 sa amin.. Lapit na… sa pinas na kami celebrate ng anniv namin.

  15. That’s good..mas maraming romantic places doon 🙂

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