Cockroach found on Pizza!

Cockroach was found by a customer on their ordered Pizza while dining in at one restaurant in old souk Salmiya Kuwait yesterday! SO YUCKY!


  1. Purgatory72

    The article said the person is called M, I am wondering is it is Mark!

  2. Purgatory, yeah and it also said a Lebanese guy..haha! 🙂

  3. Ashkarra we know that the resturant is ponderosa

  4. he he he! watz going on in the world iha?

    in the Flippines, me nahuli daw, formalin ang gamit sa mga dried foods!

    in China, pinipinturahan nang brown yong chicken when exported to the US para looks good – ayun gitigbak nila yong FDA chief nila!

    senyo naman ganyan?

    uso-uso lang yan!

    he he he!

  5. Whiskey….pssssttt! hahah…thanks for dropping by.

    Reyna, it seems that the world is turning upside down now! hahah…you’re right talagang uso-uso lang yan kaya lang it’s so yucky “waaahhh” hahah 😀

  6. That’s so disgusting.. The restaurent should be closed immediately.

  7. Nyay…..
    peborit ko pa namna pizza.. 😦 and pizza is one of my alternative that i can eat here in Kuwait instead of burger..

    this is not good, dami pa namna akong discount coupons sa bahay.. ehehe

  8. Hessa, I hope so…I think some restaurants have also the same but only few people noticed it 😦

    Lestat_m, gawa ka na lang ng pizza sa bahay mas masarap pa! heheh

  9. dapa naman ensure ng mga owners ng restaurant yung quality ng foods nila

  1. 1 Global Voices Online » Kuwait: Cockroach in Your Pizza

    […] PhilQ8 writes about a cockroach found in a pizza in Kuwait. Share This […]

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