Learning some Photography skills

These are some of the photographs that I took last weekend while we were at Salmiya’s seaside near Marina. I already posted the first group 3 days ago and as I promised, I will post the second group today. The third group will be posted later.

I wanted to try the sky as a background following dubaibase’ suggestion.





  1. I love your eye for composition. I like how you experiment. Nicely framed images.

  2. Hi paintingartist, thanks for the comment and visiting my blog.

  3. Nazs

    hi Hon,

    NIce pics! they’re so live! i like all the pics!

  4. Hessa

    Nice Indeed. The problem we have in Kuwait is that the sky is so bland and don’t do justice to your pictures. I love them all, Well done

  5. Lovely… thanks for following some of my post…

    Next time try to make a little adjustment in your aperture and use your built in flash to illuminate your subject to make the sky bluer or try to use polarizer…



  6. Hon, thanks…luv u!
    Amu, thanks for dropping by… 🙂
    Hessa, you’re right but I think if I’m skilled enough in this field I can turned the bland sky into a bright one, but unfortunately I still don’t know how 😦
    Dubaibase, thanks again and again, I hope di ka magsasawa in giving helpful tips… 🙂

  7. Thanks Magical 🙂

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