Avoid Catching a Cold

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was bedridden for several days and thanks God I’m fully recovered now, still alive and back to blogging as usual. I regret that I did not able to make some schduled posts before I was ill 😦

I thought that catching a  cold is only common during winter days but I was wrong, our son was the first one to catch cold from I don’t know source (maybe from his playmates), he was sicked for 2 days and when he was recovered all his illness were transferred to me on the same day, and more complicated one 😦 Anyway, I’m fine now…so the first thing that I did when I opened my computer this morning was to search for some health tips to avoid catching colds and I want to share it to you guys so that you’ll not suffer like what had happened to me this past few days. Read on:

1. Avoid coming into contact with people who have colds, if possible. This is the first thing that I can’t follow when it happened to my love ones.

2. Do not touch your eyes or nose after being in physical contact (shaking hands) with someone who has a cold, as this is one of the most common ways of spreading the infection.

3. Avoid crowded, stuffy atmospheres where the risk of contracting the cold virus is much greater.

4. Wash hands thoroughly and frequently, especially after blowing your nose.

5. Keep rooms well ventilated at all times.

6. Drink plenty of fluids. Water flushes your system, washing out the poisons as it re-hydrates you.

7. Avoiding the use of cigarettes is also an effective step in avoiding cold.

8. Some foods may also help. Fruits and vegetables have natural chemicals that help your body use their vitamins. Also get an adequate amount of exercise.

9. Get plenty of rest or sleep to help strengthen your immune system.

10. Consider taking one 500mg tablet of vitamin C twice a day. Some scientists believe this can help boost you immune system, although there is no strong evidence to support this.

Source: www.howtoall.com


  1. Nice tips!Prevention is always better than cure.

  2. That’s right! Thanks for dropping by Neel 🙂

  3. toni

    salamat at magaling ka na..back to normal uli ang beauty ni rianne.

  4. Hi Toni, yeah thanks God I’m ok na, medyo stressful kasi ang days ko ngayon i have lots of works in the office.. 🙂

  5. Hessa

    Welcome back…You’ve been missed.. At least you had a rest although it was due the flu. Thanks for the tips, though. I hope I won’t catch the flu when I reach Kuwait.

  6. Thanks Hessa, just be aware of this precautions when you come back to Kuwait because as Neel said prevention is better than cure.

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