Bored at Work? You’re not alone…

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According to an American survery, about 6 in every 10 workers  admit wasting time at work with average employee wasting 1.7 hours of a typical 8.5 hour working day. The reason why people wasted time were varied,  boredom and not having enough to do were the top reasons, some reasons are lack of challenging work and being uderpaid.  So what did these employees do when they were bored at work? Of course the number one answer would be INTERNET and unfortunately I am one of those 6 out of 10.  I didn’t have enough work to do, it’s boring. Internet is the leading time-wasting activity nowadays, in fact there are lots of websites nowadays about intertaining employees who were bored at work.  Just google or yahoo the terms bored at work and you’ll discover that you’re not alone, the msn bored at work club is one of my favorite hang out, I’m glad that aside from blogging I can still waste my time sharing ideas, jokes and many things with my online friends who are bored at work too.  Aside from internet, some of the common time-wasting activity at the workplace are solitaire, socializing with co-workers, gossiping, text messaging, reading magazines, watching TV, telephone conversation, drinking coffee, eating, telling jokes, sleeping (the worst, lol), etc.  What about you which of the list is your favorite?


  1. How coincident! I wrote about the same thing on the same date!

  2. At my new place i mostly only read the news online or go around bugging people.

    But the place i just resigned from, I blogged, watched youtube videos, read books, IM, went to the beach for a walk (before it got hot)..oh and i once slept at my desk 😀

  3. Liliane, I visited your blog and you’re right, maybe we’re bored on that same date and time…haha, thanks for having time here 🙂

    Magical Droplets, so which of the 2 jobs you liked most? It seemed that you have interesting jobs, right?

  4. I get bored when patients cancelled 2 minutes before their appointment, because I didn’t plan how Am I going to use my time or when they don’t trun up .. What we do ? Go to the Common Room and here goes: Gossip, Phone calls and chat.. Nothing else..

    In other occasions, we use the internet, but our tutor isn’t keen with that, so whenever she disappear to her office, we quickely check something, and when she returns , we are looking into a dental website?!?!

    It’s like (Tom & Jerry)

  5. Hessa, lol that was funny, sometimes it happened to us in our office also, as if looking for something related to work in the internet when the fact is we were busy chatting online!

  6. Beyond Work, the number 4 is a good one! thanks for the addendum, I apprciate your visit 🙂

  1. 1 Beyond Work

    10 Things you can do when you are bored

    1. Watch YouTube / Google / Yahoo Videos
    2. Link people in LinkedIn
    3. Write blog in wordpress
    4. Think about why you are feeling bored…
    5. Read Slashdot, Techcrunch to get a feel of not being bored
    6. Forward mails to your friends
    7. Meebo your …

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