Full-time Mom!

In response to Magical Droplets comment why I did not able to post for the past 3 days, then here’s my answer…I’ve been disconnected out of this world for the past 3 days because I was personally engrossed with my own world, a world that I should prioritized as a mom. My son’s nanny for the past 2 years went on vacation and it seemed that it’s very hard for him to accept the new one, he cried whenever I left him with her, he didn’t like to play with her, he didn’t eat when she fed him, etc. in short he don’t like her. I know this is normal for every toddler like him because he regard the new nanny as a complete stranger. I made some strategies for them to build a strong rapport but it didn’t help at all since he still miss his old nanny, he always mentioned her name and whenever he saw an airplane he became emotional, he always said “Mama, look at the plane, Tita Donna is there”. Whenever he wake up early in the morning and saw me preparing myself for office, he always said “Mama, stay here with me, let’s sleep”, I was deeply touched so I decided to make up with him for several days, I made myself a full time mom.

I love being close to my child every minute of every day since I witnessed his new gestures, new expressions and everything about him, I fed him in a right way and moreover I got to know him better and better. Being a full time mom is really fun but challenging, it’s one of the toughest job I knew but I enjoyed every minute of it thinking that I am having enough time with the most precious person in the world for me. I love being hug by a tiny hands, being kissed by a very soft and tiny lips and then said “I love you Mama”, when I replied “are you sure?” he immediately answered “ Yeah, I’m sure” , I was really really touched whenever my child said that because I knew it is real.


  1. He is so adorable. 🙂

  2. Being a Full-time mom is not easy, but it rewarding. No matter how tired you are, it’s worth it in the end. The quality time you spend with your child is so precious that you would do it again..That’s Motherhood.

    Your son is lucky to have you as a mother ..Mash’allah, and God protect both you..


  3. Hi Stinni, thanks for that nice comment 🙂

    Hessa, that’s right no matter how hard it is, we can feel a sense of fullfilment at the end. Thanks 🙂

  4. Mashallah…he is so cute 😀 Kids really are God’s gift, so precious. May God keep both of you for each other.

  5. Magical Droplets, thanks for the very nice comment 🙂

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