Heart Shaped Reflection

Heart Shaped Reflection  

Originally uploaded by bluemarla

This is one of the most amazing pictures that I’ve ever seen! A glint of sun in the shape of a heart in the middle of the shadow!


  1. Sorry ! dont see a heart ! i see a rooster ! :p

  2. Grey, haha lol, I think if you click the url you will see the larger image which really resembles a heart! 😀

  3. Cool picture, you call clearly see the reflection of the sun forming a heart shape in the water….

  4. It doesn’t look like a heart to me .. Sorry Rei..but it does look like Mickey Mouse !!

  5. PLank Fish, thanks so at least there’s one agrees with me with this, hehe 🙂

    Hessa, Grey saw a roaster and now you saw a Mickey Mouse, hahah 😀 lol I can’t wait to read another comment here saying that they saw Tom and Jerry, anyway that’s how our perception differentiate from each other, if this will be psychoanalized it will give us different meanings of our personalities. 🙂

  6. That is a great image. It IS a heart, although I first saw an angel with its wings outstretched

  7. Archiearchive, either it is a heart or an angel it’s a great image indeed! thanks for your visit 🙂

  8. Nice image indeed. i kinda love the tree

  9. Thanks for appreaciation magical! 🙂

  10. Marla

    Just wanted to say hello. I found this through a technocrati search on my flickr name (I am the photographer). You listed this under “strange and amazing” and I find it strange and amazing that a blog from Kuwait found my photo! I enjoyed reading what you all saw instead of a heart.

    Magical Droplets- if you enjoy the tree, visit my flickr stream to see a set I have “the tree outside my window”

    Flirting Finches
  11. Hi Marla, I’m very glad that you found my blog. Your pictures are really awsome and I like it so so much. I’m not used of posting some photos from flicker but yours made a different 🙂 Thanks once again and I appreciate your visit.

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