Good News: Kuwait to grant 3-month visit visa!

Excerpt from Arabtimes today:

“HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Sabah has decided to grant visit visas for three months,” Al-Anba daily quoted acting Assistant Undersecretary for Citizenship and Passport Affairs and Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs at the Ministry of Interior Thabet Al-Muhanna as saying. Calling it a historic decision, Al-Muhanna said, the state of Kuwait has decided to revert back to its earlier policy of granting visit visas for three months and these visas will no longer be restricted to first-degree relatives.  Furthermore, visit visas will be granted to all categories of people, including unskilled laborers and these visas can be converted into dependent visas from now onwards.

Kuwait’s law of issuing visa is really unpredictable, whatever is applicable now will not be applicable tomorrow, they didn’t have a permanent law but I’m glad that they brought back the 3 months visit visa duration and the most inportant thing,  it can be converted to dependent visa like the way it used to be. I can’t think of any valid reason for sending the expat way back home just to change his/her visa into a dependent one when it could be possible to change it without travelling! Anyway, thanks that  they lifted that law and they brought back the old one, I hope this will not be changed anymore 🙂


  1. That is good news. But as you pointed out, one can never be sure of what is the law at any given moment on these issues due to it constantly changing.

  2. Sabah, I don’t know why they changed the laws constantly here, as our GM said “Kuwait changes it’s law every minute, in short it has no law at all”…I think he is right 😉

  3. Oh ! thats bad news for me , i have to put up with my MIL for three months ? oh ! i am dead , devastated , i’m going crazy .ahhhhhhhhhh!

  4. Thats bad news for me, and what the hell is wrong with wordpress comments , can’t submit them. I HATE WORDPRESS .

  5. "GreY"

    Thats very bad news ! why oh Lord Why ? I have to put up with my MIL for 3 months ? Where is rope ?

  6. Sabah, “a book that probably was out of date two hours after its launch.” YOU QUOTED IT EXACTLY, lol 😀

    Grey, lol 😀 you must have to put your MIL for that long for you to get to know her better, isn’t that good? heheh…good luck! BTW, not only wordpress, sometimes i can’t submit a comment to blogger too!

  7. It was kinda eerie when i saw the headlines in the arab time coz just 2 seconds before that i was telling a colleague that a lot of our HR problems would be solved if we have a law like this.

  8. You’re magical indeed, hehe!

  9. Depressed in NYC

    I’m work in the fashion industry here in NYC and Im also a stylist…starting my own business with my best friend. Anyway, I vacationed in Kuwait for 10days the beginning of this month, AND I LOVED IT!!! NOT what I expected at all. NOw having lived in NYC for 30years(all of my life), I would love to move to Kuwait, BUT i refuse to go live there without being able to do what I love and that’s work in fashion. Can someone help me out with where to go and advise how I could be submitted for a promising future in the fashion industry in Kuwait??? ALL OF YOUR HELP IS APPRECIATED!

  10. Imran Minhas

    No I think all these new rules for visit to Kuwait for GCC residents are not true, I myself with my family went to the border on the 11th of June and the immigration officer refused to give me a visit visa, according to him the new rule came and stated only the doctors and engineers can have the visit visa. I am a network tech. and working in Saudia for last 17 years. So guys please careful you may not get the visa.

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