Filipinos among 5 new eligibles for 3-month visit

An excerpt from Arabtimes today:

The Kuwaiti government has included five more nationalities to the list of 34 countries, whose citizens will be given an option to obtain visit visas valid within a period of three months upon arrival at the airport — Philippines, Georgia, Vietnam and two unnamed Asian countries, reports Al-Rai quoting reliable sources. Disclosing the concerned authorities will issue the decision within the next two days, sources said the government will also study a new mechanism for citizens of other Arab countries to enjoy the same privilege.

So that’s the good news, below is the bad news:

In other developments, a proposal was presented recently for the Interior Ministry to collect KD 50 health insurance fee from those who will arrive in Kuwait on visit visas after the government issued a decision to ease visit visa application procedures to boost the tourism sector in the country,.Sources added some proponents of the bill recommended the establishment of a health insurance office at the airport to facilitate procedures for visitors to pay health insurance fees before entering the country while others suggested that visit visa applicants should pay the fees at the Immigration Department after obtaining approval of their applications.

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  1. Finally.!. Yey to us and them! I hope they’ll push this one through and ease up on the visit visa procedures. 50 KD is much better than having to buy visa from black market just so people could get in.

  2. Mackay, I heard before that the reason why the govt. wanted to collect health insurance fo the visit visa was because some nationalities only come here for medical reasons, i don’t know how true.

  3. There’s probably some truth in it. Perfect example is this family who got an ailing baby, it was suggested that they go back to their country for better facilities but they refused because they’ll have to spend loads of money there whereas here it will cost them almost nothing. Sad but true but I wish they won’t generalize though. Not everyone wants to get in here for medical reasons, we all know for a fact (govt even sponsors some) loads of people went abroad for better treatment.

  4. i really hope and pray they approve of hubby is in kuwait and i desperately wanted to be with him, I had problems with my medicala nd was discouraged by the people at the clinic that I will never be given a visa. 50kd is better than being away from him…please post updates as soona s you have news about it… thanks!

  5. taking money from expats … is like a form of Non_oil Revenue for kuwait

  6. Roda, don’t worry my dear you can be with your husband soon because a 3 month-visit visa has been approved already. I knew how you felt, been there when we were less than one year married with my hubby, i can relate with what you feel now. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

    Rayboy, hehe! we have no choice 😦

  7. thanks so much, rieaane! thank God for that! continue on posting helpful and informative blogs…you’ll never know whose ‘hope candle’ you’d be adding flicker to.. thanks for adding mine…I really want to be with him soon!thanks, who knows, we might bump into each other… God bless and take care.

  8. It’s approved already?! Yey! Well the next thing to pray is that may they not demolished it so soon after a couple of months.

  9. Karlo

    Is this for real? I’ve been away from my fiance for months now and things are going rough. This might be the only way to make things right. is visit visa on arrival still available to filipinos? please let me know

  10. Mark

    Hello My name is Mark and I have questions. I am an American and my fiancee is Filipina. We are awaiting our fiancee visa for the US and it will be atleast 6 more months. However, I have a job offer now in Kuwait. I would like to know if it is possible for me to get her a job there in Kuwait? Ofcourse, she will still need to be in Philippines when she get her interview and medical for the fiancee visa. How possible is it that she could get some kind of employment in Kuwait that will be flexible? Thank you for your help.

  11. Hi Mark, your fiancee could get a job here in Kuwait if her enrty visa is article no. 18 which is a working visa, but if she will come here on visit visa only which is valid for 3 months, she will not be allowed to work unless the companywill grant her a work visa. If this happen, she will be advised to exit Kuwait to go back to Philippines or in Dubai for medical examination before she can enter Kuwait to stamp her final residency. Thanks 🙂

  12. Ronald Quijano

    Hi Rieaane! presently I’m working in Doha Qatar and my contract is to expire by 26 April 2008. I got a good offer from an architectural consulting in Kuwait and by the end of April 2008 hopefully i’ll be there with my 12 yrs old son for a visit visa. They said at the moment they will give 1 month visit visa to be extended to another month until I got my working visa, but with regards to my son, they can only provide him 1 month then after that he has to leave Kuwait and may get back again once i have my work visa. If the 3 months visa is still allowed would you think It would be enough for me to have working visa and not to bring my son back to the Philippines? Thanks!

  13. Ronald Quijano

    Hi Rieaane,
    Presently Im working here in Doha Qatar. My contract will expire on 26 April 2008, I accepted an offer from an architectural consultancy firm in Kuwait and by the end of April or first week of May 2008 i will be there. May I ask if the 3 months visit visa is still allowed? because my employer told me that at first they will get me a 1 month visa to be extended to another month until I have my working visa, also my 12 yrs old son is coming with me which my employer will provide 1 month visit visa for him, but they said it will not be extended because i still dont have a working visa which i will have for about two to three months time. What worries me is that my son he has to go back to the Philippines, are they correct about it? Thanks!

  14. Hi Ronald, the 3 months visit visa is still allowed until this day, actually the imigration dept. will give you 1 month visa first with 2 months extension. But the commercial visit visa is valid for one month only without any extension. If the visa for your son will be commercial visit only, then they are correct, it cannot be extended unless your working visa will be stamped before your son’s visa expires, in this case you can apply family visa for him immediately otherwise you will be able to pay fine for his overstay which cost KD 10 per day.

  15. Ronald Quijano

    What my employer said is he will apply visit visa for me and my son, then after a month will apply working visa for me, i guess my son has to go back to Manila sad naman ako… I still have a few questions if you dont mind…My work place is at Dana bldg.,Ahmed al-Jaber street in Sharq, can i find a filipino community flat fully furnish studio unit for 200KD a month near my work place?(200KD housing allowance and 50KD transpo company provided) Do i have to pay in advance just like here in Qatar 1 month advance 1 month deposit. Thanks a lot Rieaane!

  16. You can find filipino communities anywhere here in Kuwait, don’t worry. However, fully furnished studio flat is hard to find in Kuwait, esp. in Sharq areas, I’m currently working in a real estate company and most of our properties are one and two bedrooms only, most buildings here in Kuwait have 1 or at most 2 studios only per premise since the price for studio has only little difference compared to one bedroom so most tenant prefer to rent the later. The price for fully furnished studio here is ranging from 200KD to 300KD, the one bedroom fully furnished apartment is from 225KD to 350KD. Some landlords demands one month advance and one month deposit but others require only one month advance without any deposit at all. I wish you all the luck, I hope you will enjoy your stay here in Kuwait.

  17. Alice

    Hello Rieanne,

    Thanks for posting such useful information!

    I have a few questions for you: We are about to move to Kuwait from Seoul. Here we have a wonderful Filipino nanny who would like to make the move with us. Do you recommend this?

    First off, she doesn’t want to go back to the Philippines first. She wants to come directly to Kuwait with us. Your blog suggests she would be fine entering the country on a 3 month tourist visa, but would she then have to return to Philippines, once we apply for her permanent servant/maid/domestic/nanny visa? Or could she just fly to Dubai? Or could we sought this out in Kuwait.

    Secondly, I get the feeling that Filipinos aren’t treated very well there. Do you think she’ll find enough community? She’s a Born Again Christian and her church is very important to her.

    Thirdly, how would she get around? Is there much of a public transport system to speak of? At this stage, she can’t drive and I’m not sure she would want to learn in Kuwait.

    Thank you in advance!

    Kind regards,

  18. Hi Alice, thanks for visiting my blog 🙂
    Your nanny can come here in Kuwait on a tourist visa and she must have to exit Kuwait for her permanent visa, either Dubai or Bahrain will be possible nowadays.

    About your second question, I think you’re half right but don’t worry she will definitely find Filipino community all over Kuwait and she can practice her own religion here freely. Church is available in Kuwait City and the mass is held every Sundays and Fridays.

    Public transport is also available like buses and taxi, so there will be no problem.

  19. Alice

    Hello again, Rieanne,
    Since your response was so positive and our nanny wants to come to Kuwait, I have spent the day looking for more information to confirm that her coming would be possible.

    Will I need to get her a tourist visa from the Kuwait Embassay here in Korea before we come? I thought I understood that she would be able to get a visa on arrival at Kuwait Airport, but I can’t find an official website saying this is the case. Help?

  20. Alice, the latest information about getting a tourist visa in Kuwait is the visitor should have someone here to sponsor her. In your case, you mmust have to come first, then apply visa for your nanny.

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