Optical Illusion

I’ve been busy for many things these past 3 days, as of now I have no idea on what to post in my blog, so for the mean time, check out some Optical Illusion images from my collections, this is one of my favorite topic when I was in college.

Can you see a baby image?

Did you see 9 people in this image?


How many horses are there?

Straight line or bent?


  1. Could see the baby
    Couuld see 5 people
    5 horses,
    the line becomes straight when you stare at it…

    lol ! fantastic !

  2. anonymous

    I can’t see the 9 people, where are they? 😦

  3. Grey, so you missed the 4 people from the pic, try to war spectacles! heheh 🙂

    Anonymous, try to focus at the upper side, I mean at the background you’ll see 4 heads there 🙂

  4. I see 7 people and 5 horses.

  5. Magical, use your magical power to see the other 2, hheheh 😀

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