4 Things We are Unsafe From

The month of Ramadan is coming our way few days from now, it seemed that it was just yesterday when we celebrated the last Eid al-Fitr but times ran so fast, now we have only less than 20 lunches left and it will be fasting days already. What I noticed in this year is the length of the daytime compared to the previous Ramadans, I think the sunset nowadays will be not be earlier than 6:00 pm, so fasting time will be longer then add it to the shimmering heat of the sun, I can’t imagine the thirsty feeling of the believers during that time. This is one of the reasons why we will be traveling on the mid of that month to continue the fasting days in Philippines, we’re afraid we can’t stand the summer heat while fasting here.
Ramadan is also a month of forgiveness, that’s’ why I titled this post as 4 things you are unsafe from since one of the 4 things are about the past sins that we committed. According to the people of knowledge and insight, we must not consider ourselves to be safe from these 4 things:

1) A past sin we committed – which we do not know what the Almighty will do with it either forgive and pardon us for it or punish us with it; since Ramadan is the month of forgiveness I think this is the best time to ask forgiveness for this unsafe sins.

2) What is left of our life – whether there is something therein waiting to destroy us.

3) A favor that the Almighty bestowed upon us – perhaps it is a plot which will lead us step by step to our eventual destruction and ruin.

4) Deviance which is beautified for us – so that we see it to be guidance and in a split second, our heart can deviate and we will be stripped of our religion and we doesn’t even realize it.

So in this coming month of Ramadan , I think all I have to do is to ask the Almighty Allah to have mercy on me with these 4 things, I will devote myself in asking for guidance, mercy, blessings and most of all forgiveness.

Advance Happy Ramadan!


  1. yara4ever

    Im fasting today since i was pregnant last ramadan and have a couple of days to make up for. 4 hours to go ! 🙂

  2. Yara, I wish u all the luck…I’m fasting today also, that’s right 4 hours to go! hehe

  3. Hey ! seasons wishes in advance …

  4. nQ

    i hate it when my bday is during ramadan. this sucks. u guys have fun though.

  5. Nicely said… “En shallah” This Ramadan will be easy on us and whatever we endure during the holly month, allah gives us in return…

  6. GRey, thanks for the wishes 🙂

    nQ, you still can celebrate it on night times, right? 🙂

    chikapappi, I hope so since every small things done will be rewarded in double during this month 🙂

  7. u traveling? Hey have a blast. Waiting for pix of ‘home’ ;p

    Happy Ramadan Rieanne 😀

  8. our way of asking forgiveness from the Almighty is different from what you’re doing…:-)

  9. Magical, yes don’t worry I will post more pics here Insha Allah 🙂

    SELaplana, I knew ‘coz there are many ways of asking forgiveness right? 🙂

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