Fashion Colors for Fall 2007

Planning to buy something new for this coming fall, check out this color trends for this season:

Click here for more details.


  1. Oh, I like Carafe, Chili peper & the stargazer 🙂

  2. I’m gonna buy me a lemon t-shirt this week end !

  3. anonymous

    I like the burnt ochre and cashmere rose, they’re so lovely, right? thanks for sharing rieaane

  4. carafe is my favorite 🙂 katunog ng aking company noh..> 🙂 and stargazer, those two are the colors of most of my shirts.

  5. Chikapappi, Grey and Anony, it seemed that all the colors are awesome, right? all your choices are great, green moss looks cute also!

    Lestat, hehe..yeah, na remember mo pa pala company mo while you’re on vacation 🙂

  6. hahaha iempre namana baka naman mamamaya wla na ako company na babalikan.. 🙂

  7. Hey what happened to the old names of these colors??? you know: purple, pink, yellow,…? Am I the only woman who know only 7 colors? ;p

  8. Lestat, lol 😀 okay enjoy your vacation there, I envied you guys 🙂

    Magical, haha, people nowadays are always making the color’s name more complicated to attract attention, maybe …I don’t know 😀

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