Somebody is Leaving!

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Somebody is going to be away in a few days time but I hope he will not come back anymore in my life or let me say in our lives, that’s what I’m trying to do now but I think it will be impossible.

We can smell the month of Ramadan everywhere  in Kuwait nowadays especially when I went to the stores last night, I saw many Ramadan stuffs for sale like lanterns, clothes, gerguian toys and candies. In the TV, we saw different kinds of commerical ads for Ramadan plus the arabic TV shows series to be shown in this holy month! The latter confused me sometimes, why these shows are intended for Ramadan only, is this holy month considered as month of TV shows series also? Where is the true spirit of this month? I thought somebody is leaving but why we are like this?

One of my plans for this coming month is to treat the holy book like the way I treated my mobile phone:
I carry it around in my bag
I will turn back to get it if I forgot it
I will flip through it several times a day
I will treat it like I couldn’t live without it
I will use it when I’ll travel
Oh where’s my mobile phone? oh, hmm and one more thing, I will be worried when I’ll be disconnected!


  1. Farah

    I wanna go with that one! hehe 🙂

  2. i hate it when he strikes back after Eid …

  3. I just love the ramadan spirit. Everyone is suddenly a lot more chirpy….well except for smokers…they really get cranking ;p

    I think, but not sure, why they have special series during Ramadan is coz the whole family is gathered. The rest of the year, people come home at different times, but all family members are home during iftar (futoor).

  4. Farah, lol haha 😀

    Grey, you said it right, heheh 🙂

    Magical Droplets, maybe that’s one of the reasons 🙂

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