For the Love of Hijab

This post is sincerely deidicated to my readers who are wearing hijab and for those who are not but willing to know some hijab fashions. Below are list of some websites I know for hijab fashions, you can check them out by clicking the link provided below the images.



  1. yara4ever

    I love the first and the 3rd 🙂

  2. 🙂 we say- jazake allah kheir for this post and yes, the 1st & the 4th are hot looks

  3. My Fav. is the first … Thanks Rie

  4. u know 7jab is a sign of modesty

    its purpose is not to make u look like sinbad the sailor

    for love of 7jab respect its purpose!

  5. Yara, I can picture out how you look like if you wear like the first pic, I think you look so cute on it 🙂

    Chikapappi, 4th pic is my first choice too!

    Chroma-Trauma, you’re welcome..BTW I’m still waiting for your pics in Thailand 🙂

    Eshaa3wa, you’re right …thanks for sharing!

  6. Farah

    I’m not wearing these things but I like to see some ladies who did wear it 🙂 Picture 4 is so lovely!

  7. Farah, hijab has always its own unique way to let the wearer act in a modest way. 🙂

  8. Nice ones. I used to be able to tell where someone is from from the way they wore their hijab, now it’s kinda difficult since people do borrow styles from each other.

  9. Magical, me too…hehe 🙂

  10. toobaa

    This is wonderful! 🙂 I’m going to try the sporty scarf and let you know how it goes inshaAllah! 🙂

  11. Redraider

    What are the MEN doing to stay modest? Anything? Apparently they don’t have to stay modest since they can wear pretty much whatever they want. Isn’t that a bit telling about islamic men?

  12. Assalamualikum!
    I love your blog masha allah and I love how you dedicated this post to hijab-wearing sisters and hijab fashion.
    I’m trying to get the word out on my own hijab fashion blog, so please spread the word;

    Jazaak Allahu Khairun,
    The Hijabi Fashionista

  13. Salaam,

    Love the pictures! I’ve got lots more links to Islamic clothing sites on my blog.

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