Don’t say I DON’T KNOW!

How often do you said these phrases?
– I don’t know
– What can we do?
– It’s not my job
– It’s impossible
– No, I can’t
Have you ever realized that saying some of those phrases is the same as admitting your helplessness. Why we always forget to think something before saying anything? Is it because our mouth is always active than our brain? I hope the other way around. I’m reading an article now about the mayor in Siberian town who has ordered his bureaucrats to stop using expressions such as “I don’t know” , “I can’t” and some other phrases to make his adminitrastion more effiecient. Read the full article here.

This reminds me of my conversation with my son last night while we were watching cartoon shows when he suddenly sat beside me and said:

Son: Mama what you want?
Me: Nothing
Son: No, not nothing. What you want?
Me: I don’t know ( I was not paying attention to him)
Son: Don’t say I DON’T KNOW
Me: * got his attention* okay why should I not say I don’t know?
Son: Mama please don’t say I DON’T KNOW
Me: Okay, no problem but let me ask you first what you want?
Son: *smiles and said* I want to buy POWER RANGERS!
LOL hahaha….

Now everytime he heard me saying I don’t know, he always told me not to say it again. I wonder why? he is just 3 years and 2 months old!


  1. Smart Kid ! He know how to make you say YES already ! lol !

  2. Yup- kid’s smart – plays dumb to get what he wants 🙂

  3. Mashallah he IS smart. I love kids outlook towards life. They say the darnest things sometimes.

  4. You are right, The power of thoughts and words is very important. When you say that you don’t and you can’t, it may affects your life. Life can turn into such boring and unproductive one because you don’t realise your full potential..

    and Mash-allah you kid is smart.. He knows what he wants and he konws How to get what he wants?

    Did you buy the Power Rangers game/Toy?


  5. You got the right point there, because “The self fulling prophecy theory” said that our act, our character, our identity build from what we think about our self!
    So if we repeatly said I don’t know, it will become our character… 🙂

  6. Grey, from now on prepare for your smart answer because I know you’ll be father soon, heheh 🙂

    Chikapappi, and we become dumb with their no-ending wants!

  7. Magical Droplets, that’s right and sometimes they made us open our mind into new or different horizon.

    Chroma-trauma, your thoughts reminds me one saying I read that goes like this:
    “There are only 4 kinds of people in this world:
    1. The one who know and knows that he knew something
    2. The who know know but he doesn’t know that he knows
    3. The one who didn’t know and he knows that he didn’t know
    4. The one who didn’t know and he didn’t know that he knows nothing

    Yah, we bought one set of Power Rangers Toys for him yesterday and he is playing with it right now, hehe!

  8. Gardino, hi thanks for sharing that very nice thoughts, I appreciate your visit in my blog. 🙂

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