Fashion Trends for Fall 2007

Sometimes I love to post something about fashion in this blog, I started it with Colors for Spring 2007 and Complete New Look for Summer 2007 and since then I noticed that this blog’s traffic increased higher and higher because of that posts. Now I want to update my fashion post with the trends for Fall 2007.

Swing Jackets, the key here is to keep bottoms on the slim side so the jacket takes center stage.

Matched Suits, this one is a must for me. Be it jacket with pants or skirts, I like both.

Vest, a great way to add a top without making it bulk to look. The apparel that I can’t live without 🙂

Easy Dresses, to extend the life of summer knit dresses by layering with long sleeves underneath and pairing with opaque tights.

Exotic Bags, bright colors, shiny patent surfaces and exotic skins like alligator.

Pendants, scale the pendant down to wear in open necklines. Go easy on brash layered gold looks and stick with one statement pendant necklace.

Super Cheap Chic, no need to get all breathless about big names for low prices and buy everything you find. The same principle applies whether you spend $15 or $1500 on a sweater: only buy it if it fits and looks great. Right?


  1. anonymous

    *sigh* you ladies spend too much every season, why? I’m glad that God made me a man, haha!

  2. toni

    women who have problems with their waistline should go for cuts like the red dress, cuts that will draw away the attention from the waist..
    1 & 2 would be fashionable fall outfits for me..

  3. The patent leather bags are here to stay which is good as they are so fashionable and very cute.

    One thing I don’t like about fall is that fashion designer don’t experiment with colors, they use -safe- colors eg.Grey, Purple, brown , etc.. We need vivid colors so that fall won’t be dull and boring..

    I am a red person in Fall/Winter ..

  4. With the right kind of mirror, most outfits look good on me 😀

  5. Nice post! 😀 keep it up

  6. anonymous, haha…well, it depends!
    Chikapappi, 🙂
    Toni, same with me..I like 1 & 2 also 🙂 but since you said that a women who have problems with their waistline should go for cuts like the red dress, then I think I will choose the red dress also since I have problem with my waistline now, haha LOL 😀

  7. Chroma-Trauma, I like red colors too, be it summer, winter, spring or fall 🙂

    Magical, haha lol 😀

    Pinkyia, thanks for appreciation and having time to visit my blog 🙂

  8. Depressed in NYC


    I’m work in the fashion industry here in NYC and Im also a stylist…starting my own business with my best friend. Anyway, I vacationed in Kuwait for 10days the beginning of this month, AND I LOVED IT!!! NOT what I expected at all. NOw having lived in NYC for 30years(all of my life), I would love to move to Kuwait, BUT i refuse to go live there without being able to do what I love and that’s work in fashion. Can someone help me out with where to go and advise how I could be submitted for a promising future in the fashion industry in Kuwait??? ALL OF YOUR HELP IS APPRECIATED!

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