Have you seen this image?

To view more miracle pictures, check this link.


  1. phdscorpio123

    “The vigin Mary is over there”. Or “There is Jesus. That’s what several “catholic christians” say every day somewhere. Now, that’s fine and all, but, since there is “a devil” and “he” wants to take away people from God, what should we really believe? So, seing that there is no picture of Mohammed in nature but there are names, and there are pictures of Mary and Jusus in in nature, we as people that believe in a “higher power”, we, I think, should be careful when it comes to say that we believe in any thing. Because if what we believe in can’t really prove with facts, what are we believing in really? Just think about it. For people don’t want to be fooled, and if there are some demond like things out there, we have to ask, can these things at least fool us?

  2. wow! isn’t that something?

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