Just 5 More Minutes

While at the park one day, a woman sat down next to a lady on a bench near a playground. “That’s my son over there,” she said, pointing to a little boy in a red sweater who was gliding down the slide.”He’s a fine looking boy,” the lady said. “That’s my son on the swing in the blue sweater.” Then, looking at her watch, she called to his son. “What do you say we go, Sameer?”

Smaeer pleaded, “Just five more minutes, Mummy. Please? Just five more minutes.” The lady nodded and Sameer continued to swing to his heart’s content.

Minutes passed and the mother stood and called again to her son. “Time to go now?” Again Sameer pleaded, “Five more minutes, Mum. Just five more minutes.” The lady smiled and said, “O.K.”

“My, you certainly are a patient mother,” the woman responded.

The lady smiled and then said, “My older son Haitham was killed in a road accident last year while he was riding his bike near here. I never spent as much time with Haitham as I could have, and now I ‘d give anything for just five more minutes with him. I’ve vowed not to make the same mistake with Sameer. He thinks he has five more minutes to swing. The truth is, I get five more minutes to watch him play.”

While I was reading the story above this morning, I counted the times I spent with my son everyday and thanks God, I have enough time for him. We used to take our son to the park and sometimes to Future kids every weekend to play with other kids since being confined in the 4 corners of our home for 5 days playing with adults, watching cartoon shows or playing with his toys alone were definitely boring epecially on his age. I can see how happy he was and how he enjoyed playing with the kids in the park everytime we went there. One hour was not enough for him and everytime I called him to say it’s time to go, he will repeatedly said “Mama this is last” and it seemed that “last” for him means forever. We patienly waited for him until he will be satisfied.

Kids are gift from God, we should cherish the few minutes that we spent with them. Their happiness is the fulfillment of every parent’s dream.


  1. myfavoritenook

    I totally agree with you about spending as much time with the kids while you can. I am a stay-at home mom and I plan to be so until my youngest is at least 7 years old so that I can be with them while they still want to be with me.

  2. 😦 that’s so sad & we tend to take feelings for granted – May allah keep your son for you & bless him

  3. may god keep u and ur family safe and happy always

  4. yara4ever

    Yes your right… I want my son everywhere with me bs i dont want him to be spoilt.. i love watching him sleep:)

  5. myfav, all i can say is your kids are so lucky to have you…thanks for visiting my blog 🙂
    Chika and eshda3wa, thanks for the wishes 🙂
    yara, me too…in fact i always took pictures of him everytime he sleep, lol 🙂

  6. Amu

    May Allah bless your son

  7. Hessa

    What an inspiring story. No matter what, we should enjoy our finest moments now and live everyday as if there is no tomorrow. Ensh-allah you will be gifted with alitte brother/sister to your kid ^_^

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