Bee Man

You must have heard about He-Man, Spider Man, Bat Man, but this one is different



  1. I first would like to say HAI! then go like “ai ai aiiii” ! He’s insane! yukh – although am called the B Girl 🙂 – that’s something i would NOT like to do!

  2. here comes B-MAN!! ouch. this guy has a skill, or power as you call it heheh… bee sting is really painful care to share his secrets 🙂 have a nice day..

  3. Thats crazy ! i dont wanna be a bee man ! i mean you sting once then die , thats not fun !

  4. toni

    something wrong with my browser’s setting, hinde ko maview ang Bee Man..

  5. Chika, i think only one in a million will try to do this thing, lol 🙂

    lestat, so you’re in kuwait now… welcome back! 🙂

    Grey, i think they won’t get sting on this,,,seemed they have secrets of doing it 🙂

    Toni, i don’t know why you can’t open the images, just try again or refresh your browser.

    Eshda3wa, hehe…it might be! lol 😀

  6. Amu, 🙂 wanna try? haha 😀

  7. Hessa, hehe 🙂
    very q8ya, thanks for visiting my blog!

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