The Fisherman and the King

How many times do we get greedy and try to get back something small that we lost, but instead we lose something even greater? Read on:

There once was a king who was so wealthy, and he was extremely fond of fish. One day, one of his servants brought him the biggest fish that he could find. The king was just thrilled and excited that he rewarded the servant with 400 dinars. The king’s wife was extremely displeased with her husband giving the servant 400 dinars just for a fish and she wanted the money back. The told her that there was nothing that he could do because he gave away the money.His wife replied, “I’ll tell you the way to get the money back. Call back the servant and ask him whether the fish was a male or a female. If he says, “Male” tell him that you didn’t want a male but a female. And if he says, “Female”, tell him that you didn’t want a female fish but a male fish.”

So the king called back his clever servant, and the servant knew that they wanted the money back so he began planning.

The king asked him, “I have just one question about the fish, is it male or female.”

The servant replied, “Oh king, the fish was so huge that part of it was male and the other part was female.”

The king was surprised and said, “Wow! you are very clever. Here have 400 more dinars.”

His wife became even more angry and asked him why he would give the servant 400 more dinars when they were trying to get back the first 400 dinars. As the servant was walking away with the 800 dinars, one dinar fell and he ran back to get that one dinar which fell.

The wife said to her husband, ” Call back the servant and tell him to return the money because he is not a good man. Tell him that you saw him running back just to get one dinar while he had many dinars, and that he wouldn’t even allow one dinar to go to a poor person walking on the street.”

The king called back the servant and said to him, ” I want the money back because you are greedy and because you don’t deserve it. You wouldn’t even allow one dinar to go to the poor while you had 800 dinars.”

The clever servant replied, ” NO my king, that is not how it was. You see, on one side of the dinar is the most honorable name (the king’s name) and on the other side was the most beautiful picture (the king’s picture), I didn’t walk away from the coin because then someone would step on the most honorable name or the most beautiful picture and I couldn’t stand to do that.”

The king was even more amazed and he rewarded the man with 400 more dinars and the servant left with 1,200 dinars.


  1. LOL! That’s very smart..

  2. 🙂 you’re both right! have a nice day guys!

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