I’m Back!

After 2 months of being out of this blogging world, finally I’m back now! We arrived from vacation more than 2 weeks ago and unfortunately I  was welcomed by the climate with cough, colds and fever. So I went direclty to the clinic to have some medications, Alhamdulillah everything went fine after a week. I reported to our  office after my recovery and there I was welcomed by loads of work waiting in my desk, hence I did not able to update my blog anymore.  😦

I did not able to update my blog also while I was on vacation since my internet connection there was very slow, so I lost my interest and most of all we were very busy preparing for my sister’s wedding, then after the wedding day we started to enjoy our vacation like going to many places which I cannot found here in Kuwait like resorts, farms, fishponds and most of all sleeping soundly without any alarm to wake us up early in the morning! 

I took many pictures also but I’ll just post it here few days from now since I did not able to finish editing it yet, the bytes are too large so I will resize it first before posting.

By the way, all the entries that were posted here while I was on vacation were “pre-post” or whatever you call it.  I made it before vacation, I think you also noticed since I did not able to reply to some of the comments.   I apologized for that. 


  1. Thanks for being the first reader to welcome me in this blogosphere…. have a nice day sweetie!

  2. thought we lost you ! welcome back ! Congrats on your sisters wedding !

    Get well soon!

  3. Hi Grey, thanks for all those nice comments 🙂

  4. yara4ever

    Heeeeeey u were missed *huuuuuuuug* 🙂

  5. welcome back rianne…
    i thought you are just having a “vacation hang-over”.. .. I’m glad that you’re feeling better now..

    philq8 is alive again..

    have a nice day

  6. Yara, same here…. 🙂 Thanks!

    Lestat, until now nag aadjust parin, I still miss Phil 😦

  7. By the way, lestat i cannot open your blog today, everytime I opened it may pop up na operation aborted daw? after that ma-close na!

  8. :(… thanks for the info rianne.
    I’m going to check it.. malamang unclosed tags na naman..

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