Tips to keep warm after showering during winter

Taking a bath regularly is one of the most important part of our hygiene but does anyone of you here avoid taking shower during winter season because you will afraid of freezing once you’ll be finish? Well, don’t worry…you can still enjoy your shower by following some simple methods to keep you warm.  Read on:

1. Make sure the hot water is on. You don’t want to step into a shower which jets icy water all over you.

2. Take both hair towel and body towel into your bathroom and hang them over the door of the shower cubicle or curtain rail. If you leave them outside the shower, you will have to open the door to access them and the cold air from outside the shower will freeze you!

3. Have your shower and wash your hair. While you may enjoy hot water more, it dries out your skin.

4. There will be lots of steam when you are finished. This will keep you warm. Take your hair towel down from the rail and squeeze the water from your hair. Drape the towel over your head. This will keep any heat which could escape from your head, in your body still.

5. Wrap yourself in your towel before stepping out of the shower.

Here’s some helpful tips:
1. Make sure you are dry before you’re out of the shower. Otherwise the water on your skin will evaporate, taking your body heat away with it.

2. Your towels should be hot and dry before use. Try putting them in the dryer right before you shower.

3. Seal the shower curtain to the walls and bottom to stop cold air from leaking into the shower.

4. Try plugging the drain while you shower. This keeps your feet warm, at least. Flip the drain open when you turn the water off, and you will have plenty of time to dry off with warm feet.

5. Try putting an ice cube in your mouth. This will help lessen the shock of the colder air.

6. Spray down the inside of the shower curtain with a hand held shower nozzle using very warm or hot water. Then it won’t be cold if you brush up against it.

7. Avoid keeping the water really hot the whole time, turn it down near the end.



  1. yara4ever

    Veeeeeeeeeery useful loved the post thanks 🙂

  2. 🙂 thanks for the tip..
    even the water is in freezing level..I couldn’t avoid to take up shower before going to office…

    that’s why as i’ve said this points are useful.. i will try some.. in replacemnt for my shower and run strategy… hehehehe

    by the way, have you visited my site OFW in Kuwait .. i’ve checked the code and everything seems fine. If you can open it without error please let me, ym, or email…


  3. yara, you’re welcome dear 🙂

    Lestat, i think that’s normal for almost all filipinos, we always love to take up shower before going out of our home, right?

    BTW, sad to say that I still can’t open your blog until now 😦

  4. yep I agree..

    by the way rianne. I started testing the wordpress blog.. i created a new one please check it out (sorry for the off-topic comment) :)… but if it is fine with you I wud like to propose for a link exhcange with my new site.. 🙂 Thank YOu Very Much.. and Happy New Year to all..

  5. Congrats and more power for your new blog lestat.

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