Killer Winter!

Winter is killing me softly! I can’t breath well…I have colds……I have cough….stomachache every morning…sometimes headache! I wonder what’s next!!!????


  1. Meme

    get well soon ‘te rieaane

  2. thanks,,you know what? i really hate this.., I lost my interest in everything, no exercise anymore…I just want to laydown in bed under my thick blanket…lol 😀

  3. I hate winter ! me too down with cold ! achooo !

  4. Grey…you drop by in my blog just to leave your sneeze? lol 😀

  5. i guess there’s only one way to counter that.. wrap yourself with the love of your son and your hubby.. 🙂

  6. Lestat, that’s the best solution ever! hehe

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