Mountain Resort Escapade!

The following pics were taken during our vacation in Phil. 3 months ago at one of the most visited resort in our place. It took us 2 hours to travel just to reach this mountain resort. The road was so rocky also and some of our companions wanted to give up from our never ending journey, we were very tired of travelling but our stress were gone like a wind when we saw the Edenic beauty of our final destination. The water was so cool and clear that even you drop a tiny needle, you still be able to find it immediately.


  1. Im in love with Phillipines ! Awesome pictures … Which place/province ?

  2. This place is amazing. and your shots made it more amazing!

    where in the philippines is this place anyway?

    hehe. its really nice. im proud to be a filipino

  3. Grey, that was in in our lovely province Zamboanga del Sur 🙂

  4. Topher, thanks for the compliment, that was in our place Zamboanga del Sur.
    Thanks also for visiting my blog, have a nice day 🙂

  5. wahh… ganda naalala ko tuloy ung aming bukid.. may malinaw din na sapa..

    thanks for sharing the wonderful resort images to the whole world.. photos are really relaxing to see, what more if you are actually in that place – very clear water..

  6. Lestat, sabi ng hubby ko masarap daw balik-balikan everytime he saw the pics, it was so relaxing and the atmosphere was really breathtaking 🙂

  7. Hey finally found you again. I had lost the name of your blog when i deleted my old blog 😦

    Wow, you providence is heavenly.

    BTW, this is magical droplets

  8. Hello Magical Droplets or let me say Mirror Polisher, welcome back! It’s been a long time that I did not hear anything from you, I’m glad that you showed up finally 🙂 Thanks for your visit.

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