27 Ways to Know If You’ve Found the Right Partner

When talking about relationship, there’s no divine feeling than falling in love with somebody else, right? Correct me if I’m wrong, but is “love” already enough to know that the person is right for you? the one you can live with for a lifetime? Stacy D. Phillips listed 27 ways to know if you found the right relationship for you.

Just simply ask your partners the following questons and find out if their answers satisfies you:
1. Kids or no kids
2. Smoking or no smoking
3. Drinking or no drinking? (Same for drugs)
4. Religious beliefs: Match? Blend? Clash
5. Who works? Who stays home (especially when the kids come along)
6. Who wants to live where?
7. Who controls the checkbook
8. What is his/her personal relationship with his/her family? Too distant? Too close Too weird? Appropriate to your standards?
9. How are holidays spent? At home? With family? Alone? Vacationing
10. Windows opened or closed? Heat/AC on or off
11. What side of the bed must you (he/she) sleep on
12. Where to spend vacations? Leisure time
13. Sick: Left alone or babied
14. Appropriate gift giving: birthdays? Yuletide holidays? Special occasions
15. Who does what around the house
16. What is acceptable hygiene
17. What are his/her hobbies, pastimes
18. Preferences: Music? Movie? Book favorites
19. Favorite foods
20. Pets or no pets? What kind
21. Decisions about the children: School, church, discipline, allowance, extra curricular activities, friends, and curfew?
22. Mealtimes: Early or late
23. Furniture: Vintage or contemporary
24. Sleeping habits: Four hours or eight?

More compatibility factors
If this list is not enough to help you determine whether or not your new love is right for you, try these:
1. How does your new love handle a crisis?
2. Behave in public places?
3. Treat your friends and family?

  1. good ones , need to read again.

  2. How does he/she treat the household helpers? How do they treat gas station attendants? What is their policy on tipping?

    Off topic – oh man, I am SO hungry for a strawberry meringue. That just looks so decadently delicious.

  3. intlxpatr, that’s good addendum to the list esp. the first one 🙂 I knew some couples who always fight about these things.

  4. That was quite a nice list for compatibility check. I believe answering these questions not only will tell you a perfect partner but most importantly “how your partner will become your perfect partner?”

    To work out the differences and live, enjoy the life, happily ever after.. 🙂

    have a nice day kabayan.

  5. Grey…okay again and again! 🙂

  6. lestat, that’s right…i’m sure everything will be perfect to you both, right? good luck 🙂

  7. cathycardia

    Tama nga ung list. =) Ok lang quote ko rin for future reference? Hindi pa kasi applicable sa akin sa ngayon.. I’ll go back to the list pag may reason an ako..haha..

  8. Cathy, no prob., i wish you all the luck dear 🙂 and thanks for dropping by…have a nice day!

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