Most Unusual Buildings On Earth

Do you wish to live in this buildings?

“Dancing House”
Here’s a building that should really get your attention when walking pass it. The Dancing House is considered as one of the more real controversial buildings in Prague . The DH was actually designed by a great architect from California , which only proves that he had done some type of hallucinogen while designing it.

“Robot Building “
The Bank of Asia is a very famous building in Bangkok . It was made way back in 1985, and it’s robotic appearance is just a symbol of the modernization of banking. It also has the ability to transform into a mega-robot. So, if Godzilla ever decided to show his green face in the land of Bangkok , they would have to fight.

“Ripley’s Building”
If you saw this picture for the first time, you’d probably thought that it was hit by a massive earthquake. But it wasn’t. In true fashion of the Ripley Legacy, it was built to reflect the odd 1812 earthquake that measured 8.0 on the rick. The building has now become one of the most photographed in the world because of it.

“135 Degree Angle”
This bizarre house really doesn’t have an official name, but it does have a 135 degree angle. So that’s what we’re going to call it. Unfortunately, the only info we have about this house is that it was built in China or Japan . And that it has a silly pink roof. And if you look real close, you’ll notice that it’s on a 135 degree damn angle.

“Triangle Building “
We wonder what type of work goes on inside this kind of a building. The unofficial Triangle Building is just a wonder to look at and to ponder over. But, can this be one of the evil headquarters for Scientology or Starbucks? Does this building have triangle bathrooms? There’s so many damn questions!

“Upside Downer”
 Take a journey into the unknown with a building called Wonder Works . It’s central Florida ‘s only upside down attraction. And an amusement park for your mind, and your stoner friends. This odd building has over 100 wacky interactive exhibits for your entire family to experience. But make sure you free your weed before coming.

“Crooked House”
 You know that your looking at a real building right? The Crooked House was built in 2004 as an addition at a popular shopping center, and is a major tourist attraction in Sopot , Poland . We just wonder what happens when someone who’s under a controlled substance sees this building for the first time in their life.

“The Astra Haus”
The strange building is actually a brewery in Hamburg , Germany . The floors can move up or down on it’s skinny column core. As of now, the unique building has been destroyed. One of it’s more famous beer brands was recently bought by a big refreshment corporation. And that beer brand was called Astra.

I don’t know where on Earth is this! 🙂 Tell me if you knew about it…

  1. Я

    Cool stuff. I remember seeing a book on architecture and such, it had some very weird looking buildings in it! I’ve always loved to see these sort of architecture. 🙂

  2. R, thanks for droppping bye 🙂

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  4. Does anyone actually live in any of these houses?

    I remember seeing another group of strange designs by a famous architect…let me see if i can find out the name

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