SATAN: Don’t Wear Hijab, You will Look UGLY!

A bit scary but it will make us think!


  1. theveiledtsunami

    Wow! This is a powerful video. I will have my daughter watch it.
    Masha Allahu!

  2. So they are scaring people into wearing the Hijab now?

  3. Cat

    it made me think !

  4. طموحة

    I loved it so much >>


  5. madmonq

    Just curious. Why can’t the men just control themselves rather than try to control the woman?

  6. It made me think whether this Satan is the same one who speaks to Christians.

  7. wahi786

    Thanks for this. It reminded me of the old stories I have read about the prophets and how the satan tried to influence their behaviors. Not scary, but really thought provoking. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. I don’t completely approve of this ad because it kinda says indirectly that Muslim women who doesn’t wear Hijab (or those who wear make-up) are slutty. Surely, they could have come up with a better ad that conveys the message of wearing a Hijab without offending those who refuse to wear it.

  9. Thanks for all your commments guys, I hope this video will serve as challenge to all of us to fight Satan not only through wearing hijab but all thegood deeds that we intend to do.

    Angelo, I think you’ve gone so far, it doesnt mean that they ‘re slutty but the video only showed us how this satan easily inflluenced our behavior and how they controlled, but that only happens if we will allow them to. Thats’ why strong faith is really important esp. nowadays…

  10. Rukayah Amin

    very weird…well it made me think at least. we ppl have to have iman. thnx 4 da video.

  11. Salaam Aleykum

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