Sharp increase of commodities in Kuwait

The increase of all commodities in Kuwait nowadays is really unbelievable. Prices in many private supermarkets adjust their tags from 10 to 40 percent. One cart full of groceries before cost only from 30-35 Dinars but now it costs from 50-55 Dinars! Landlord demands increase of rent! Dollar is very weak nowadays which greatly affect our Peso’s exhange rates! Before, when you send Php 20,000, it will only cost around KD108 but now you need KD136 to reach that amount. Well, well…I’m glad that peso has higher value nowadays but what matters to me most is all the commodities in Phil. is also high, the prices did not decrease! Now, I don’t think everybody can survive at all!

I know government employees and some private sectors received salary increase nowadays but what about the others who receive with the same salaries many years back? All of us were being affected by this sharp increase so it means that everybody deserves salary increment!

Well, I consider myself a little bit lucky since I still can cope with this dilemma, I have a very supportive husband whom I can depend on anytime but what about those others out there who depend nothing but for themselves only? I heard many sad stories almost everyday from my friends, my colleagues and relatives who were affected with this increase of prices also. I hope the employers out there should consider the fact that we are also contributing to their gains, and be more sensitive with what happening nowadays!


  1. It is not just for Kuwait, but everywhere:

    This is a trend that will increase over the year to come.

  2. Nibaq, you’re right…I think this is global dilemma 😦

  3. Tell me about it ! i am feeling the heat already ! the baby milk price went up 0.500 fills..

  4. so work hard father Grey! lol 😀

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