Motivating Story!

Story 1 :

We all must have seen a fly trapped in a room ! If it reaches a glass window it continues to flutter at the glass, trying to escape. It does not think there can be other openings in the room to escape !

Story 2 :

Once there was a sales man whose sales ranged between 80% to 95% of his budget. Disheartened with the results, he took an appointment with a marketing consultant, to know where he was wrong. He reached the consultant’s office at the appointed time. After entering the office he saw two doors, instead of a receptionist. One door was marked “SALES LESS THAN 100%” and the other door was marked “SALES MORE THAN 100%”. Since his average sale was less than 100%, he entered to the Ist door. After entering the room he found two more doors – one was marked “EARN INCENTIVES” and the other door was marked “NOT EARN INCENTIVES”. Since he did not earn incentive on regular basis, he entered the IInd door. He again found two doors, one was marked “HAPPY WITH YOUR SELF” and the other was marked “NOT HAPPY WITH YOUR SELF”. Since he was not an achiever, he was not happy and so entered the IInd door. And surprisingly on entering it he found himself on the same street where he had entered.

Moral of these two stories :

If we continue to work with same attitude and with same approach, if our style of functioning remains the same, if we take same steps then we will meet the same fate. Similar actions again and again will lead to similar results, again and again. To get different or desired results : we have to bring about a change in our attitude, in our approach towards our customer, bring about a change in our style of functioning, thus we must open different doors.


  1. lool ! thats an eye opener , but considering the way some comapny’s treat you its rather not have sales at all, 😀

  2. yeah because either no sale or big sales, the salary remains the same, right? lol 😀

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