Most Expensive Cat!

The Ashera Cat is the most expensive cat breed in the world. It weighs around 30 lbs and lives for 25 years. Despite their hefty price, they’re actually fairly low maintenance, though they do prefer to sleep on heated beds. So, cat lovers out there, would you buy this cat for $28,000?


  1. Looks beautiful 🙂 But why so expensive?

  2. yara4ever

    I dont think it looks beautiful … i white persian ones are.. i dont like cats i like kittens but i wouldnt buy one at this price or any other price coz i hear its not safe to have around if ur pregnant

  3. Mirror, they said it is because “Tthe Ashera is such an expensive cat breed is that each one is guaranteed to have the same coloring and appearance. These traits are bred, from the African serval, an undisclosed domestic breed and the aforementioned Asian leopard cat”, well I don’t think so… lol 😀

    Yara, I agree with you! 🙂

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