One Million Sum in my Mailbox!

Unfortunately, it’s not in my mailbox at all but it was in a mailbox of an unemployed Japanese man! Read on:

TOKYO (AFP) – An unemployed man in Japan had an unexpected windfall in his mailbox when he found one million yen (10,000 dollars) in cash from an anonymous benefactor, police said Friday.

The 61-year-old man discovered the wad of cash last week along with a slip of paper with the message, “Please make use of this in your everyday life,” written with a black ballpoint pen.

But instead of following the advice, the jobless man in the ancient capital of Nara in western Japan turned over the gift to police.

The sender has until June 27 to claim the money or the unemployed man will get it.

Along with the letter, the envelope contained a partial photocopy of a map of nearby Osaka without any address marked or further explanation.

“He has absolutely no clue who it is,” a police official said.

Read the details of the story here.

What about you, what will you do if you found large sum of money in your mailbox?


  1. I would retire on a beach with white sand and dark blue ocean.

  2. That’s cool, hehe! 😀

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