Honey let’s hug before sandstorm will kill us!

I was almost asleep when we heard the horrible sound yesterday afternoon as if our building were going to collapse, we immediately peeped to the window to see what’s happening only to find out that it was a dreadful sandstorm hitting the country.  I saw flying debris all over our place, some trees fell down, other satellite dishes were destroyed, etc. I stayed in Kuwait for more than 5 years and I did not able to witness such kind of sandstorm until yesterday, I was shocked with what I saw hence I did not able to take any pictures of the things I observed. One funny thing which I cannot forget that time was when my hubby jokingly said “Come here hon, let’s hug each other so that if something will going to happen to us this time, we will still hugging until death!”” haha LOL 😀 Another things was My Auntie who was driving her car that time, she immediately called her maid and gave her the  mobile number of my hubby so that if something will happen to her, the maid can call us immediately! 😀

According to arabtimes, 3 people were killed yesterday because of that sandstorm with a speed of 56 km per hour. In the first incident, two Egyptians were burnt to death after their car collided with another vehicle in Kabd. Also, a man drowned in the beach water after he and his son had gone fishing near Shaab. Read the full news here.


  1. 😦 That’s sad.. I knew people passed away but not how :/

  2. Very sad , specially the death of a father who drowned while swimming with his son, anyways it was chaos for us too , my wife also said, thank Gd we are together, we can die together … …

    You got a coool hubby 😛

  3. Chika, yeah 😦 , but that’s how life is, we don’t know what will come our way 😦

    Grey, I was touched with that story also, I hope it will not affect his son’s emotional adjustment… and yes you’re right my hubby is one of the coolest man I know, lol 😀

  4. yara4ever

    oooh ur hubby is so sweet 🙂 we were in the car during the storm… it happened so suddenly how come no body said anything in the news or warned us? Its sad ppl died… especially the father with his son… i cant imagine what the son did during the time

  5. I came back to Kuwait on sunday and i was woooooo WTH happened here!!! Looks like i missed the excitement…though i heard there might be a similar one by the end of this week.

  6. Moi

    allah yer7amhom! walla i still cant believe it.. :/

  7. Guys, I received text message this morning that there will be anotehr storm coming here in Kuwait either today or tomorrow, I don’t know how true but better to be very careful nowadays 😦

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