I’m here…

Yes I know, I know that I was our of this blog for more than a month…don’t ask me why because the answers would be not enough to write in 30 minutes…lol 😀 I know I missed lots of things to blog, many things happen in Kuwait and in my life as well, I missed to read your interesting post and leave a comments in your blogs but what important to me most is I’m here now to make up with all the things I had missed.

Yara, I knew you tagged me few days ago but don’t worry I will answer it tomorrow if I can’t make it today.

Have a nice day guys!



  1. aiwa!!..
    welcome back rianne.. where have you been…?.
    busy ata sa pagpapayaman ah.. 🙂

  2. lestat, hahah ikaw na nga yang yumayaman na dyan eh! medyo na busy nga in lots of things 🙂

  3. Oye ! i thought you disappeared friom the blogshpere like many others.. good u r back !

  4. Ok now i am curious to know what happened :D….come on, tell, tell, tell 🙂

  5. Grey, nonono…I will inform you guys if I will disappear in this blogosphere permanently, blogging is part of my life so I think I will not leave it without valid reason. 🙂

    Darya, lots of things happen, hhehe….

  6. curiosity is REALLY killing me here 😀

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