110th Independence Day!

It’s been a year since I posted the Philippine flag in this blog and now I post it again for the 110th Independence Day. The Phil. government declared the official holiday on June 9, 2008 but all celebrations will be commemorated today, the biggest Philippine flag will be flown now to Baguio City, the country’s summer capital,  not for a spot in the Guinness Book of Records but to rekindle the waning patriotism among Filipinos.

In Kuwait, I have no information yet what are the celebrations here but I’m sure there will be a special commemorations tommorow by many active Filipino organizations. 

By the way, ZAIN participated the celebration since I received an SMS from them yesterday congratulating all the Filipinos for the 110th Independence Day, the SMS was as follows:

“Dear Customer, Zain would like to congratulate you on the special occasion of your Independence Day. On June 12th only, all international SMS sent to the Philippines will be charged as local SMS. Have a wonderful day!”


I read in filipinosinkuwait website that there will be a program tomorrow at Arabi Sports Club, Mansouriya. Here’s the details:

13th June 2008
Arabi Sports Club, Mansouriya, Kuwait


Part I: Opening Ceremony (7:30am to 10:30 am)
Part II: Presentation from different FILCOM Organizations in Kuwwait (10:45am to 11:30am)
Part III: Hataw na! (11:45 am to 4pm)


  1. Thanks Joe! Have nice day 🙂

  2. Happy, happy, happy 110th Independence day 😀 😀 Have loads and loads of fun with the kids 🙂

    what does Mabuhay mean?

  3. yara4ever

    happy 110th :)) hope u had a great time… im sure there is delicious adobo, im so craving it right now

  4. Darya, mabuhay means LONG LIVE!

  5. Yara, thanks..we didn’t had a great time since the weather was terrible….I cooked adobo 3 days ago…yummy! 🙂

  6. Sorry i am late … Wish you a belated Happy Independence day !

  7. Grey, no prob…thanks 🙂

  8. mabuhay ang pilipinas!

  9. Batanggenyo, thanks for visiting my blog!

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