How to Survive A Dust Storm

I read in the news today that this year 2008 is expected to be Kuwait’s most dusty year, so I think everyone of us should be prepared for this since we all know that dust is dangerous to our health esp. to respiratory system. Aside from that, dust storm are also capable of causing property damage, injuries and deaths. So I think, it’s a good idea to know what to do if you see a wall of sand racing toward you.

I searched online some tips on what to do during dust storm and these are what I found, I just want to share it to you dear readers.

1. Heed dust storm warnings. Dust storms are most likely to occur on hot summer days under certain atmospheric conditions, so meteorologists can frequently predict the possibility of these storms.

2. Be prepared. If you are in a storm-prone area, carry a mask designed to filter out small particulates, and bring airtight goggles to protect your eyes.

3. Outrun the storm. If you see a dust storm from some distance, and you are in a vehicle or have access to one, you may be able to outrun it or detour around it.

4. Visibility cut in secondsPull over. If you’re in transit and visibility drops to less than 300 feet, pull off the road (exit the freeway if possible), set your parking brake, turn off your headlights, and make sure brake lights and turn signals are also off.

5.Take cover and stay put. Do not attempt to move about in a blinding storm, as you will not be able to see potential hazards in your path.

6. Wear a mask. If you have a respirator or mask designed to filter out small particulates, put it on immediately. If you don’t have a mask, wrap a bandanna or some other piece of cloth around your nose and mouth. Moisten it a bit if you have enough water. Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to the inside of your nostrils to prevent drying of your mucous membranes.

7. Protect your eyes. Eyeglasses offer minimal protection from blowing dust or sand, but airtight goggles are better. If you don’t have goggles, wrap a piece of cloth tightly around your head to protect your eyes and ears.

8. Shield yourself from flying objects. Cover as much of your body as possible to protect yourself from flying sand. In addition, while wind-propelled sand can hurt, a dust storm’s high winds can also carry heavier (and hence more dangerous) objects.

Dust storms can be particularly dangerous to those with impaired respiratory function or weakened immune systems. Inhalation of even small amounts of dust can cause potentially lethal complications for people who already have difficulty breathing.



  1. yara4ever

    im very worried about my son… should i let him stay at home and not go out while the weather is like this?

  2. We are so screwed !

  3. rieanne,

    i have not seen a sandstorm ever! do you have pics? pa post naman please! o kaya takbo ka sa ginta then take a picture for all of us! Ingat ka lang. HAHAHA! charing! pero i’d love to see a picture!

  4. Yara, going out with your son is not a good idea during sandstorm, i’m glad that it’s gone now 🙂

    Grey, we too 😦

    Reyna, grabe ka naman, diko nga nakunan ni isang pic dahil ayaw kong lumabas, hehehe…thanks God medyo ok na ang Kuwait ngayon 🙂

  5. flat mate of mine.. had a lung infection due to the dust storm last week.. he is now taking a 3 day rest..

    thanks for the post.. we should alwasy be careful..

  6. they said this dust storm will last until july, so i think we should be cautious always…I wish your flat mate will feel better soon lestat.

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