Kuwait MoH’s Website for Complaint

Excerpt from Arabtimes today:

KUWAIT (KUNA): Citizens can communicate with the Ministry of Health (MoH) via the website: moh.gov.kw that includes an e-mail for complaints coded as moh.gov.kwcomplain, a ministry official said on Saturday. The ministry’s assistant undersecretary for planning affairs, Dr Walid Al-Falah, said in a statement to KUNA that the special electronic service for direct communications with the nationals was offered upon instructions by Health Minister Ali Al-Barrak. He affirmed the ministry’s keenness on staying abreast of citizens’ complaints and demands to upgrade the vital sector.

I heard and read some news and bad articles from many people who had bad experience from Kuwait’s MoH, so I think the news above will be great help for their complaints to be heard. 

I was treated in a very rude way also when I called one of the Gov’t Hospital few months ago, I was asking for some information but the one who answered me was not human at all, I daresay! So my question is, since I’m an expat, do I have an access for this service since the news only mentioned “Citizens”?

  1. yara4ever

    Yes yes im sure you do… u really should have access to it

  2. Yara, I hope so 🙂

  3. GreY

    I might complain about the dentist who broke my tooth in half and then asked me to put a cap in private clinic.. but then how will the MoH will differentiate between genuine complaint and harassment?

  4. Niven

    i heard and later confirmed, that some Egyptian candidates working in ministry of health are under qualified for relevant position but stil been recruited under the influence of vasta! cant there be any means that would restrict such happenings, cause its medical field and it should be understood we have to think of the patients who will be at odds. if any one knows who can scrutinize this issue i would be much happy.

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