Yahoo Shine, I’m Loving It!

At last Yahoo made the website that I need, I checked the Yahoo Shine today and I really love it since it features all the articles, news and everything that I need to know as a woman, from food, housewares, love, career, fashion, entertainment, etc. I’m glad that I found a new haven today since I really feel bored in the office nowadays.

I like the articles they featured especially about parenting, home designs, love and relationship.
Here are some of the things I admired there:

how wrong is it to have sex with a married man?

Turn a dining room into a fairy tale castle

Should moms nurse in public?

Images below are some of their featured housewares:

Coco Rodriguez’s “C Chair”
I like it because it really has a cool desgin but I’m afraid it will roll all the way and can’t control it, lol 😀

A hand-blown cupcake stand, I like cupcakes so I think this one will be great to add in my collections, hehe!

That’s all for now because I still have many things to read in that site, HAPPY WEEKENDS EVERYBODY!


  1. didn’t know about this site…thanks for introducing it…

    OMG…just read an article there that there will be a FRIENDS film…yeeeeaaaahhhhh 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. Darya, you’re welcome dear! I love all the things they featured there.

  3. just checked it out
    its cool!

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