Wedding Anniversary Greeting to a Special Person


Today we’ve been married,
eight very special years.
Please always remember
how much i love you dear.

God gave us both,this tender love,
for us to always share.
I hope to show you more each day,
How much i truely care.

I knew it from the beginning,
when we first proclaimed our love.
You are my soul’s companion,
sent from up above.

Happy Eight Anniversary!
From: Rieaane

  1. GreY

    And Many Many more to come, Wish you a Very Happy Anniversary .. God bless you and your familly.

  2. Thanks guys, may God bless you also 🙂

  3. yara4ever

    wooow Happy anniversary wish u many many more 🙂

  4. This is soo touching..happy anniversary sweety 😀

  5. wow..sweet.. 🙂
    happy anniversary. wish you many lovely and happy years to come..

  6. Sincere words! Breathtaking!
    Happy Anniversary …
    very very lovely!

  7. Thanks guys for the warm greetings, I wish you all best too. 🙂

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