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Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the MBC 4’s Turkish Drama “Noor” is getting hotter and hotter as the summer season’s temperature is raising also. I just read this morning in their website that a Kuwaiti Bride and Groom rent the villa and the gardern of the TV series Noor in Turkey in preparation for their Wedding Ceremony. Accordingly, the couple distributed invitation cards annex with a ticket and go back from Kuwait to Istanbul, with residence in the 5-STAR HOTEL!!! Also, there are attempts underway by the bride to invite Muhanad and Noor to attend their marriage ceremony! Oh see… read the full details here.

I can’t understand Syrian nor Turkish language but after watching the series for almost a month, I’m amaze why I can speak some Syrian words now! lol 😀


I’ve been searching the net since morning to know what will be the start time of Olympic Games in China tomorrow but I cannot find it, I want to watch the Grand Opening Ceremony which is my favorite part but I don’t have any information about the time. Anyone of you here guys knows about, please inform me….. 😦

Actually, the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, officially known as the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, will be celebrated in Beijing, People’s Republic of China from tomorrow August 8 until August 24, 2008. If you wnat to know more about it, here’s the official website


Accordingly, fireworks will highlight the opening ceremony.

“For the first time, the shape of the Olympic Rings will be formed in the sky,” said Wang, adding that Olympic symbols and elements will be a part of fireworks’ designs with an aim to promote Olympic ideals.

Firing skills will feature compressive air launches, chamber pressure launches and computerized ignition technologies, employed for the first time in the display of fireworks, he told the media attending a press conference in Beijing.

To reflect the “Green Olympics” concept, some of the fireworks will use less smoking powder to minimize smoke and dust pollution, Wang said.

The designers intend to highlight the fireworks’ effect both on the ceremony’s stadium and larger areas around the facility so that the Olympic central zone will be an extension of the ceremony owing to the splendid fireworks. [link]

At last Yahoo made the website that I need, I checked the Yahoo Shine today and I really love it since it features all the articles, news and everything that I need to know as a woman, from food, housewares, love, career, fashion, entertainment, etc. I’m glad that I found a new haven today since I really feel bored in the office nowadays.

I like the articles they featured especially about parenting, home designs, love and relationship.
Here are some of the things I admired there:

how wrong is it to have sex with a married man?

Turn a dining room into a fairy tale castle

Should moms nurse in public?

Images below are some of their featured housewares:

Coco Rodriguez’s “C Chair”
I like it because it really has a cool desgin but I’m afraid it will roll all the way and can’t control it, lol 😀

A hand-blown cupcake stand, I like cupcakes so I think this one will be great to add in my collections, hehe!

That’s all for now because I still have many things to read in that site, HAPPY WEEKENDS EVERYBODY!

These are all made of Foods!