This Blog is maintain by Rieaane, a Filipino citizen working in one private company in Kuwait.  Personally, she doesn’t talk too much but she writes a lot even she is not good in writing. Loves to post whatever she thinks worth blogging even no one cares to read it.  You can check out her personal website to know more about her.


  1. Have been to Q8 couple of times on business trip. Nice place.


  2. c5

    🙂 i voted you…
    check the top emerging blogs in 2007

  3. c5

    voted for you
    top emerging blogs in 2007

  4. Hi C5, thanks for voting me.

    Well, I wanna give you some information about this blog, this actually started on March 21, 2007. Other posts you read here before that date were only imported from my Friedster blog which was started on August 2006, so it means that this is still qualified for the conditions required but I still don’t think that this blog is as influential as that to be nominated, hehe, I’m flattered. 🙂

    Anyway, thank you so much, I appreciate.

  5. why are u talking about your self as a third person?

  6. Blue Dress, I just don’t want to conosider this blog of mine too personal, heheh! that’s it..

  7. Great blog.. especially the kuwait posts.. 🙂

  8. pacer521

    hi, great photos and stuff. It must be different to live in K8….Have fun and maybe check out my blog and tell my what you think about it.


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