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Blogging became part of my life, I always miss my blog and reading others post. I was busy in some other things this past few days and I realized that during that busy days, my blog and your blogs as well were always on my mind, questions like what might be your interesting post today, how many visitors do I have today, or what happen in the blogosphere this time were the things that my mind always asked whenever I can’t open my blog for a day.

Temperature is getting hotter and hotter in Kuwait nowadays, commodities, rents and expenses are getting higher also, so I hope that this will not make my blood pressure raise up also or else I might burst! lol 😀 We want to go on vacation anywhere but I’m not allowed to travel, I asked my doctor twice and she never agreed for some health reasons. I’m not dying guys, I’m about to give life someday….! Got me? I think I’m talking here randomly, right? Well….I just miss my country so much, my hometown, my family and friends. Kuwait’s summer zephyr is not fun at all 🙂 How I wish that I’m in Philippines nowadays to breath the fresh air of my hometown, to relax and have some fun in one of the beaches there, so refreshing! Hmmmm…just imagining 🙂

Here’s some of the Philippines views that I got from flicker this morning:

Manila Bay
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Mactan Island
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That’s all for today and thanks Darya for your concern about me….. 🙂



Today we’ve been married,
eight very special years.
Please always remember
how much i love you dear.

God gave us both,this tender love,
for us to always share.
I hope to show you more each day,
How much i truely care.

I knew it from the beginning,
when we first proclaimed our love.
You are my soul’s companion,
sent from up above.

Happy Eight Anniversary!
From: Rieaane

We saw her walking in the street with no direction where to go, I noticed that she was crying. I asked her where she want to go and what’s wrong with her, she said she want to go to Embassy, she escaped away from her sponsor’s house since she cannot tolerate anymore the way she was being treated. “Why, how they treated you and what they had done to you?”, I asked and she enumerated these things:
– she always slapped me and spanked every part of my body wherever she reached for no apparent reason
– she spit on my face
– she hit my head with walkman, glass or anything she had in front of her friends
– she don’t want me to drink water without her permission
– she don’t want me to take a bath regularly, she threw all my toiletries and cosmetics.
– I slept on the floor without any mattress, pillow nor blanket
– she don’t want to see me having a rest even just for a minute, I slept at 2:00 am and woke up at 4:30am
– I cannot eat well, I was only given one cucumber to take for breakfast

Actually she enumerated more than what I had listed above which I cannot remember anymore, but to make it short, she was being treated brutally. One European neighbor who witnessed these things helped her to escape from that wicked sponsor and gave her some amount to pay for the taxi.

She was just one of those hundreds who experience the same as her plight. I hope she is okay and safe now, I felt sorry for her.

The Alternative Racial Talents Society in cooperation with the Phil. Embassy in Kuwait organized a beauty pageant open to all deserving male and female Filipinos living in Kuwait to dispaly their talents, show their beauty and enhance their camaraderie.

Title holder of Ginoo & Binibining Pilipinas Kuwait 2008 grand prize award is a LOT worth 3 Million pesos each from Sta. Lucia Land Inc. Philippines. The grand finals (The Coronation Night) is confirmed to be held at the 5 star MOVENPICK HOTEL CONVENTION CENTER on June 13, 2008 (Friday). With Manila artist, IYA VILLANIA & JOHN PRATTS to host the event, courtesy of ALV Talents Circuit Artist Management, Manila Philippines.

The 14 SEMI-FINALIST will compete Minor awards during the PRE-PAGEANT on May 9, 2008 & Major awards on the CORONATION NIGHT on June 13, 2008.   Voting online is also open to choose for Mr. and Miss Photogenic. Click here to vote. Check this link for more details.

Below are some of my favorite candidates, I hope one of them will win 🙂






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