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Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the MBC 4’s Turkish Drama “Noor” is getting hotter and hotter as the summer season’s temperature is raising also. I just read this morning in their website that a Kuwaiti Bride and Groom rent the villa and the gardern of the TV series Noor in Turkey in preparation for their Wedding Ceremony. Accordingly, the couple distributed invitation cards annex with a ticket and go back from Kuwait to Istanbul, with residence in the 5-STAR HOTEL!!! Also, there are attempts underway by the bride to invite Muhanad and Noor to attend their marriage ceremony! Oh see… read the full details here.

I can’t understand Syrian nor Turkish language but after watching the series for almost a month, I’m amaze why I can speak some Syrian words now! lol 😀


Excerpt from Arabtimes today:

KUWAIT (KUNA): Citizens can communicate with the Ministry of Health (MoH) via the website: that includes an e-mail for complaints coded as, a ministry official said on Saturday. The ministry’s assistant undersecretary for planning affairs, Dr Walid Al-Falah, said in a statement to KUNA that the special electronic service for direct communications with the nationals was offered upon instructions by Health Minister Ali Al-Barrak. He affirmed the ministry’s keenness on staying abreast of citizens’ complaints and demands to upgrade the vital sector.

I heard and read some news and bad articles from many people who had bad experience from Kuwait’s MoH, so I think the news above will be great help for their complaints to be heard. 

I was treated in a very rude way also when I called one of the Gov’t Hospital few months ago, I was asking for some information but the one who answered me was not human at all, I daresay! So my question is, since I’m an expat, do I have an access for this service since the news only mentioned “Citizens”?

It was such a bad weekend! Our home was very dusty even all the doors were already locked tightly, the curtains, furnitures and appliances were all in a grimy condition. We used to go out every weekend to dine outdoors but how could we when the weather was like that? I hate to go out during these days but I had no choice since I had an appointment with my physician yesterday (that was part of why I was away from this blog more than one month ago), I saw many people in the streets wearing masks and I felt sorry for those Bangladesh workers who were still working outdoors even during these terrible weather. I hope I brought my camera with me so that I can take photos of how Kuwait looked like yesterday.

Many accidents were also reported these past few days, I read in Arabtimes this morning that the Sandstorms lead to 165 accident and people suffering from shortness of breath in different locations as Kuwait continues to experience sandstorms which will last until mid-July. (link)

I always miss my own country’s climate everytime I experienced something like this in Kuwait. Philippine’s weather is one of the best in this world, I daresay, especially in our hometown in Mindanao areas.

If it’s true that this will last until mid of July, then I think I have to practice wearing mask even I hate it. 😦

The year 2008 is expected to be Kuwait’s most dusty year, astronomical researcher Adel Al-Saadoun said. Read the full details here. 


Check this link.