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Today we’ve been married,
eight very special years.
Please always remember
how much i love you dear.

God gave us both,this tender love,
for us to always share.
I hope to show you more each day,
How much i truely care.

I knew it from the beginning,
when we first proclaimed our love.
You are my soul’s companion,
sent from up above.

Happy Eight Anniversary!
From: Rieaane


When talking about relationship, there’s no divine feeling than falling in love with somebody else, right? Correct me if I’m wrong, but is “love” already enough to know that the person is right for you? the one you can live with for a lifetime? Stacy D. Phillips listed 27 ways to know if you found the right relationship for you.

Just simply ask your partners the following questons and find out if their answers satisfies you:
1. Kids or no kids
2. Smoking or no smoking
3. Drinking or no drinking? (Same for drugs)
4. Religious beliefs: Match? Blend? Clash
5. Who works? Who stays home (especially when the kids come along)
6. Who wants to live where?
7. Who controls the checkbook
8. What is his/her personal relationship with his/her family? Too distant? Too close Too weird? Appropriate to your standards?
9. How are holidays spent? At home? With family? Alone? Vacationing
10. Windows opened or closed? Heat/AC on or off
11. What side of the bed must you (he/she) sleep on
12. Where to spend vacations? Leisure time
13. Sick: Left alone or babied
14. Appropriate gift giving: birthdays? Yuletide holidays? Special occasions
15. Who does what around the house
16. What is acceptable hygiene
17. What are his/her hobbies, pastimes
18. Preferences: Music? Movie? Book favorites
19. Favorite foods
20. Pets or no pets? What kind
21. Decisions about the children: School, church, discipline, allowance, extra curricular activities, friends, and curfew?
22. Mealtimes: Early or late
23. Furniture: Vintage or contemporary
24. Sleeping habits: Four hours or eight?

More compatibility factors
If this list is not enough to help you determine whether or not your new love is right for you, try these:
1. How does your new love handle a crisis?
2. Behave in public places?
3. Treat your friends and family?

This post is sincerely dedicated to the man I called Honey since 7 years ago.  Since it is our 7th wedding anniversary today, I want to express my love for him in 7 different ways.

1. One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life. That word is love.  I love you so much Hon, I hope that our love will never fade away like it was engraved in a stone that stay forever and ever.

2. I think I told you already a hundred times that this world means nothing to me, all I want is your love. I knew that I’m weak in many things and I drew strength from you. You made me what I am today and I want to tell you now how appreciative I am for that. Thank you for your love Honey.

3. Some lovers send hundreds of SMS a day and I knew I rarely sent you one but I want to tell you that whenever I sent you my love, every letters mean a thousand words of loving you. I love you so much dear.

4. You are the reason why I want to beautify myself, I want you to see me always as the young bride you married even my hair will turn into gray.

5. Honey, you are my coffee in the morning that made everyday of my life more cheerful and bright.  You are my passion, my life and my love.  I knew this sounds corny or some sort of a teenager’s romantic  quote but I mean every word that I said…that’s how I feel right now.

6. Honey you are my life, you are the air that I breath, the food that I eat and the reason I live. I knew that sometimes I upset you with my moody behaviours and this is the thing that I want to apologize, sometimes I’m too tough to understand but you still understands me and that’s why I’m too grateful to have you. I love you for that Hon.

7. I also knew that 6 and half hours of my day was consumed in this thing but I wanna let you know that I never failed to think of you even I was busy with my office works, even just a buzz in your YM will be okay for me so that you’ll  know that I was thinking of you. I want to thank you also for the calls you made everyday.

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Ever since you walk in…my world has been both musical and magical. On this 7th Anniversary of ours, I just wanna say…HONEY  YOU MEAN EVERYTHING TO ME!

I found this romantic tips while I was browsing some romantic ideas for our wedding anniversary this coming July 15, I just like to share it to you dear readers, you might want to try it to kindle your romance this hot hot summer days! Read on:

1. Enjoy a brunch together
2. Call to say I love you
3. Meet for lunch
4. Give a back massage
5. Go on a moonlit stroll
6. Have a water play day
7. Date night
8. Eat breakfast together
9. Hide a love poem
10. Post a public dedication
11. Movie night
12. Share a 1 minute hug
13. Go horseback riding
14. Send a romantic SMS
15. Date night
16. Give a foot massage
17. Eat dinner by candle light
18. game night
19. Camp out in your backyard
20. Lazy day
21. Send a loving email
22. Share a bubble bath
23. Date night
24. Share a 1 minute kiss
25. Movie night
26. Watch the sunset
27. Fly kites together
28. Listen to an audiobook together
29. Go for a short walk togther
30. Movie night
31. Date night

Of all the list, I think  number 13 would be impossible for me to do! lol 😀

For more romantic ideas, check this link.