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These are all made of Foods!


The stranger is not the one who empties the house and bids farewell now…
But the stranger is he who is serious while the people around him play…
And is awake while the people around him sleep
And follows the best path the ‘narrow mountain pass’ while the people around him plot and plan in their misguidance…
Truthful was the poet when he said:
My friend said to me, I see you as a stranger
Amongst these people without a close friend
I said nay! But the people are strange, I’m in the world and this is
my way!

This is the stranger.

Strange in the view of those who jest and mock from amongst mankind
But in the Sight of his Lord, he is at a Noble Station!

This is supposed to be my first post after our vacation but I got some problems in retrieving the pics that I took for the Mall of Asia from my camera, my son played with it so I lost some of the photos. We stayed 3 days in Manila before we left Phil. for Kuwait so we spent most of our time in MOA (Mall of Asia), some of my friends told me that one of the most captivating scene at the mall is the sunset but unfortunately I did not able to take any photo of the sunset because there was no sunset image at all during our stay in Manila. We went to the mall every 3:30 pm so that I will be able to witness the famous sunset there but I was really frustrated, the weather wasn’t friendly to us since it was raining every afternoon for the whole 3 days that we were there. Another frustrating part was we did not able to visit all the shops and stores of the mall completely since it was too huge and we already tired of walking. So that’s my story.

Now I want to talk about the mall itself, the MOA or Mall of Asia is the largest shopping mall in the Philippines , it ranks as the third biggest shopping center in the world, in terms of gross leaseable area, ranks behind the Golden Resources Mall in China and the West Edmonton Mall in Canada. It is located in Pasay City, aptly nicknamed “Bay City”. It is built on 19.5 hectares of reclaimed land and has a gross floor area of 386,224 square meters.

Four buildings make up the SM Mall of Asia, the Main Mall, the Entertainment Mall and the North and South Car park buildings, The South Parking building houses the mall’s official SM Department Store, while the mall’s supermarket, the SM Hypermarket is located within the North Parking building.

The SM Hypermarket, located in the North Building

SM Department Store, South Building

Olympic-sized ice skating rink. At 61 by 30 meters, the rink is described as the biggest of its kind in Southeast Asia.

Food Court that serves both interntional and local cuisines.

At the Kids Corner

I did not able to take photos of the sunset there but I was glad that I witnessed the fireworks at the mall, the only problem is that was my first time to take fireworks photos so expect that I did not able to make it perfectly.

Note: Except for the fireworks, all pictures were taken during late cloudy afternoon before the rain started, that’s why it appears to be little bit dark.